Kenpo Technique

COURTING THE TIGER (left and right arm grab)>

  1. With feet together and opponents executing grabs on both of your arms, step back and to your left to 8 o'clock with your right foot (right rear twist stance) in the hope of trying to stomp foot of left opponent as your right hand grabs your opponent's right arm (opponent to your right) and pulls him toward you, simultaneously push the opponent who is to your left away from you with your left arm (anchoring you left elbow down and into left opponent's right ribs).
  2. Deliver a right side kick toward 3 o'clock to outside of the left knee of opponent to your right.
  3. Immediately plant your right foot in front and to the left of your left foot (right front twist stance) and have your left knee strike up and back of right knee of left opponent. (This is done to lift his right leg off of the ground and place all of opponent's weight onto his left leg.)
  4. While your left leg is still in the air, kick left inner knee of opponent to your left with your left foot sword (knife-edge of the foot).
  5. Plant your left foot back toward 3 o'clock into a left reverse twist stance as you execute a right back knuckle strike to head or any opening on opponent to your right whether he be standing, kneeling, or otherwise.
  6. Without hesitation deliver a chicken kick (double kick with left foot then right foot) to opponent on you; left (left foot kicking to opponent's ribs and right foot to opponent's face or solar plexus).
  7. From right kicking position plant your right foot toward 9 o'clock into a right neutral bow as you strike to left opponent's temple or face with an upward right stiff arm lifting back knuckle strike.
  8. Immediately deliver a right snapping stiff-leg kick to underneath of opponent's jaw who is to your right.
  9. Right front crossover and cover out twice, remaining equal distance from both opponent's as you cover out toward 6 o'clock.
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