Kenpo Technique

GATHERING OF THE SNAKES (front left punch and rear right punch)

  1. Standing in a right neutral bow as first opponent (who is at 12 o'clock) delivers a left punch from the front, step forward and to your right (with your right foot) to 1 o'clock while executing a right inward-left outward block combination outside of opponent's left punch. Without loss of (circular) motion transform your right inward block into a right back knuckle strike to left ribs of first opponent (front opponent).
  2. Slide your left foot counter clockwise to 2 o'clock checking opponent's arm with your left as it simultaneously claws and deliver a right overhead chop to back of opponent's neck.
  3. Immediately cock your right foot to inside of your left knee (right one legged stance) and deliver a right side kick to back of first opponent's left knee. Have both of your hands and arms guarding wherever needed.
  4. With opponent beginning to buckle, plant your right foot into a right neutral bow toward 6 o'clock and execute a two-hand push to first opponent's back and shove first opponent into second opponent toward 6 o'clock.
  5. With second opponent (rear opponent) occupied, shift your right foot to your left into a right front twist stance and deliver a left roundhouse kick to head of second opponent as your left hand cocks horizontally to your right hip.
  6. Plant your left foot forward (into a left neutral bow toward 6 o'clock) while delivering a left horizontal back knuckle strike to head of second opponent.
  7. Right front crossover (into a right front twist stance) guarding and pushing down on second opponent's right arm with your left hand toward 6 o'clock while delivering a right back knuckle strike to head of first opponent toward 12 o'clock. Immediately pivot counter clockwise with a looping stiff-arm back knuckle strike to head of second opponent still at 6 o'clock.
  8. Follow-up with a left spinning back kick to solar plexus of second opponent at 6 o'clock.
  9. Shoot your left foot to 12 o'clock (toward first opponent) as you deliver a low left snapping ball kick under jaw of first opponent.
  10. Left front crossover and cover out twice, positioning yourself so that you end up midway between opponent's (covering out toward 3 o'clock).
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