Kenpo Technique

MARRIAGE OF THE RAMS (left and right shoulder grab - close)

  1. With feet together and both opponent's grabbing you from either side, step back with your right foot (into a left neutral bow) as both of your arms proceed to circle back have the knuckles of both of your hands (which are open at this point) strike to groin of both opponent's and continue to circle under arms of both opponents.
  2. Move forward with your right foot (into a right neutral bow) as your arms now are under armpits of both opponents. In the same movement have your arms pinch both of opponent's arms and force your arms together with your right arm over your left, thus forcing the heads of both opponents together.
  3. Immediately deliver a left knee kick between opponent's heads thus forcing them apart.
  4. Replant your left foot back (into a right neutral bow) while applying downward pressure with both of your elbows to act as safety checks.
  5. Now have your hands follow the contour of your opponent's bodies, traveling down the inner thighs of your opponent's legs that are closest to you. Have your hand form reverse hooks (reverse hooking wings) as they travel down to the ankles of both opponents. Grab both ankles and jerk them outward from under your opponents and pull toward you as your right foot steps back into a left neutral bow.
  6. While still maintaining both ankle grabs (at least try to do this) deliver a right ball kick to groin of opponent on your left.
  7. Plant your right foot into a right front twist stance and immediately execute a left roundhouse kick to groin of opponent to your right.
  8. Release opponent's ankles forcing them to the ground, and left front crossover and cover out twice toward 6 o'clock. Position yourself so that you end up midway between opponents.
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