Kenpo Technique

PARTING OF THE SNAKES (front right punch and rear attempt)

  1. While in a left neutral bow, step slightly forward with your left foot as you duck under front opponent's right punch and execute a left upward claw to his face. Simultaneously right reverse hand sword to his groin followed by your right knee to his groin.
  2. Right back kick to rear opponent's solar plexus. Simultaneously right vertical punch to front opponent's chin.
  3. Plant your right foot back to 6:00 into a left rear crossover as you deliver a right horizontal back knuckle to face of rear opponent.
  4. Left ball kick to solar plexus of front opponent and chicken kick with right foot to his jaw, followed by a right heel of palm to his face.
  5. Double rear chicken kick (right foot first) to rear opponent.
  6. Left front crossover and cover out twice in the direction of 3:00. Try to end up equal distance from both opponents.

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