Kenpo Technique

REPRIMANDING THE BEARS (front right punch and rear bear hug - arms pinned)

  1. With rear opponent (second opponent) applying a rear bear hug (with your arms pinned) and front opponent (first opponent) shooting a right punch, step to your left with your left foot (to 9 o'clock) into a wide horse as your left hand checks rear opponent's arms (second opponent) and a right kick is delivered to front opponent (first opponent).
  2. From right kicking position (while kicking foot is still in the air) plant your right foot to 8 o'clock to cause a stiff leg buckle to inside of rear opponent's (second opponent) left leg as your right hand grabs and squeezes rear opponent's testicles.
  3. With the rear bear hug released deliver a right rear back knuckle over shoulder to rear opponent's face.
  4. Immediately circle your right arm counter clockwise (to right side of rear opponent) and grab back of rear opponent's head with your right hand assisted by your left hand grabbing clockwise and to the left side of rear opponent's head. Pull opponent's head down and deliver a right knee kick to rear opponent's face.
  5. From right knee kick right front crossover, planting your right foot toward 12 o'clock and deliver a left side kick to front opponent's sternum. Plant your left foot forward (into a left neutral bow) to 12 o'clock.
  6. Right rear crossover to 11 o'clock into a right rear twist stance as you execute a left back knuckle to front opponent's head.
  7. From the twist stance deliver a right ball kick to sternum of rear opponent at 6 o clock.
  8. Right rear crossover and execute a left back kick to front opponent's stomach.
  9. Left front crossover in direction of 9 o'clock and cover out twice, positioning yourself equal distance from both opponents.
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