Kenpo Technique

ENTWINED LANCE (front right knife thrust)

  1. Left foot to 3:00 and pivot into a left front twist stance as your left hand hooks inside his left wrist and hooks out (palm up).
  2. Forward to 1:00 with your right foot buckling his right knee. Right heel palm strike to his left chin.
  3. Right sweep his right foot toward 6:00 as your right hand slides down his arm (checking it to his right wrist). Left hand over your own right arm as you two-finger poke his eye. At the time of contact you should be in a right one legged stance.
  4. Deliver a right knife-edge kick to inside of his left knee.
  5. As you plant your right foot forward switch your left finger poke to a left hand grab to his right wrist (sliding and checking his right arm on the way back). Simultaneously horizontal right back knuckle his right ribcage.
  6. From there, right upward elbow strike under his chin.
  7. Step back with your right foot, executing a right back knuckle to his right temple followed by a left raking knuckle strike across his head and face.
  8. Left front crossover and cover out twice.
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