Kenpo Technique

DESTRUCTIVE FANS (flank right punch with opponent's right leg forward)

  1. With feet together and facing 12 o'clock and opponent attacking from 9 o'clock with a right punch, move your left foot back and to the left to 8 o'clock (into a modified horse) as your right hand circles clockwise and parries your opponent's right arm from the outside at the wrist. Your left hand also travels clockwise and parries your opponent's right punch on the outside at the elbow. Your right hand should continue in a circle and transform into a right hammer fist strike (clenched fist and palm up) to opponent's solar plexus (with your left hand in check - bracing angle).
  2. Immediately sweep opponent's right leg with your left foot as it forms a left front twist stance. At this point have your left hand grab and pull in the process.
  3. Pivot (clockwise) out of the twist stance and execute a right back knuckle strike to opponent's right kidney and a right stiff-leg sweep all the way around to 3 o'clock to back of opponent's right leg to cause his leg to split further.
  4. Right punch to opponent's head while shuffling (push drag) into a left close kneel with a left hand push down check to opponent's upper right arm.
  5. With opponent possibly sitting at this stage, deliver a right stomp thrust kick under opponent's chin or to best available opening.
  6. From kicking position, right front crossover and cover out twice toward 3 o'clock.
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