Kenpo Technique

ENTWINED MACES (left and right punch with opponent's left leg forward)

  1. With feet together, drop back with your left foot into a right neutral bow as your right hand loops a figure eight, first with a right inward on the outside of opponent's left punch and a right extended outward on the outside of opponent's right punch.
  2. Immediately shuffle forward while your right extended outward drops and hooks opponent's right arm down and to your right. Simultaneously deliver a left vertical punch to opponent's face (you're now in a right forward bow).
  3. While in place pivot into a right neutral bow as you deliver a right thrusting chop to opponent's left jugular vein, switching your left hand as a check against opponent's right arm.
  4. Follow-up with a left rear crossover and deliver a right stiff leg reverse bow to buckle opponent's left leg from the inside out Simultaneously deliver a right downward hammer fist to opponent's groin. (Your left hand is guarding in front of your chest.)
  5. From a right reverse bow pivot clockwise (in place) into a right front twist stance, cocking your left hand to your left hip. Simultaneously deliver a right vertical outward against the right side of your opponent's nose to break it. Immediately follow-up with a left heel of palm strike to opponent's sternum and a left knee kick to opponent's groin (cocking your right clenched fist to your right ear).
  6. Plant your left foot back to 8 o'clock, checking with your left hand, and (from your right hand cocked position) immediately deliver a right thrusting, chopping hammer fist to opponent's left collar bone.
  7. Immediately execute a left rear crossover and a right back kick to opponent's solar plexus.
  8. Right front crossover and cover out twice toward 8 o'clock.
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