Kenpo Technique

DESTRUCTIVE KNEEL (front step through right punch)

  1. While standing naturally with hands at your sides as opponent punches, step forward left to 11:00 o'clock into a left neutral bow stance as your right outward parry converts into a grab to his right wrist, and as you pivot clockwise into a right close kneel stance, with your left knee, striking to the back of his right knee (to cause a buckle) execute a left inward heel of palm strike to the right elbow of the opponent to cause a break. Allow this strike to pass through and under his arm.
  2. With opponent now on his right knee, pivot back counterclockwise and as you drop into a left close kneel (your right knee drops to cause a break to his tibia or ankle) execute a left backknuckle (under his arm and through his ribs in an outward fashion) with a right inward heel of palm claw ripping through his face.
  3. Pivot back into a right close kneel and execute a right outward backknuckle with a left vertical punch to his ribs or spine (at this point your right hand is below your left to act as a check against his right arm or possible kick).
  4. Now snake your left crane hand around the right side of his neck and pull him into a left knee strike to his spine (your right hand is checking his right arm or shoulder at this point).
  5. With your left knee still in the air and as you plant your left foot back to 9:00 o'clock into a right neutral bow stance loop your right hand down, around and in to come down diagonally across his jaw with a hammerfist (your left hand has now switched to become a check).
  6. As opponent falls (toward 11:00 or 12:00 o'clock) execute a right roundhouse kick to his head or any available opening.
  7. With your right leg still in the air, right front crossover and double cover out to 9:00 o'clock.
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