Kenpo Technique

FATAL CROSS (two-hand attempted low grab or push)

  1. While standing naturally and with opponent attempting to grab or push, execute double crane clears (like "Hooking Wings") and then step forward right to a right neutral bow stance as you strike the opponent's floating ribs with double middle-knuckle fists.
  2. This causes him to bend down into double backknuckle strikes to the temple followed by double eye pokes to his eyes (In this case your right and is on the top to prepare for moves that are to follow).
  3. With your hands still crossed drop them down to check his shoulders, step through with a left knee kick to his groin, followed by a right step through knee kick to his solar-plexus, plant down right.
  4. Grab the opponent's left shoulder with your left hand and turn him around clockwise as your right hand grabs and assists in the process by holding his chin, step back right (after he has stopped turning) and pull your opponent back into a right knee to the spine, plant down and then left knee up to his kidney.
  5. With your left still in the air deliver a left side thrust kick to the back of the right knee of the opponent.
  6. Left front crossover and double cover out to 6:00 o'clock.
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