Kenpo Technique

ESCAPE FROM THE STORM (right flank, overhead right club)

  1. Standing naturally with hands down and as opponent comes from 3:00 o'clock with a right overhead club attack, step off right toward 2:00 with your right foot into a right neutral bow stance, as you execute a left inward parry simultaneously with a right thrusting heel of palm thrust to his jaw.
  2. Maintain your left parry hand as a check against his right upper arm, as you step through forward with your left foot into a left close kneel stance toward 2:00 o'clock, to check his right knee with your right knee, as you simultaneously execute a right vertical thrusting elbow to his right floating ribs (actually your right arm just collapses down from the previous palm heel).
  3. Circle your right hand out and down and execute a heel of palm claw into his groin.
  4. Adjust your left loot slightly (gauging leg) toward 2:00 o'clock and as you slide your right hand down his leg to grab his ankle, drop your left checking hand down to the back of his right knee, and in the same motion swing your right fool back clockwise to 2:00 o'clock into a left forward bow stance, as you yank and pull his right leg out straight and back beside your right hip.
  5. Execute a right front crossover toward 8:00 o'clock into a right front low twist stance as you drop the knee of opponent down and across your right knee to break it.
  6. Execute a left inward palm slap to the inside of his right thigh to clear his leg off your knee and immediately come up with a right toward inverted crane strike to his groin, immediately start to pivot counter clockwise (facing toward 2:00 o'clock) while still looping your right hand up and over, execute a right snapping upward heel hook strike, and as you plant back down (point of origin) continue looping your right hand into a back shape of the crane strike to his groin.
  7. Now switch your right hand to a check to his hips (in the center and below his waist), as you left front crossover toward him, push him forward onto his hands and knees, and as you settle into a left front twist stance deliver a left forward underhand shape of the crane strike to his groin.
  8. Unpivot clockwise as you come up from your twist stance and you execute a left lifting heel kick in between his legs to strike any available target (either groin, solar-plexus, or chin depending on the position that the opponent is in at the time).
  9. With your left foot in the air, left front crossover and cover out twice toward 2:00 o'clock.
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