Kenpo Technique

REVERSING CIRCLES (left roundhouse kick followed by left punch)

  1. While standing in a right neutral bow stance and with opponent attempting to kick you in the right kidney with his left roundhouse kick execute a right universal block over your right knee (right hand downward and left hand inward) to block his kick.
  2. As opponent plants down and attempts to punch with his left to your face, change your stance to a right forward bow stance as you simultaneously execute a right upward block (to the inside of his punching arm), and a left outward handsword thrust lo his left floating ribs.
  3. Now as you switch back into a neutral bow stance switch your hands by executing a left upward block and a right outward handsword thrust to his right floating ribs (your left upward block at this point has switched to a grab to his left wrist).
  4. While still maintaining your grab execute a right front crossover toward 8:00 o'clock as you pull opponent's arm with you, and as you settle in the twist stance (right front twist) break his arm with a right downward forearm strike to his elbow (strike is like the break in "Crossing Talon").
  5. While still holding your opponent's right wrist, execute a right side kick to his thigh with a simultaneous right backknuckle to his left temple.
  6. Plant back into the twist stance (point of origin) and reach over his left wrist with your right hand, and grab his hand (fingers in his palm), and switch your left grab around counterclockwise and under (fingers in his palm), then step out left to 8:00 o'clock, and then swing your right foot back to 8:00 o'clock into a left neutral bow stance as you twist your opponent's left wrist clockwise so that you force him over onto his back (his head should be pointing toward 5:00 or 6:00 o'clock) and immediately execute a left downward looping roundhouse kick to his solar-plexus.
  7. As you execute a left front crossover do a left hand clear to his arm, and double cover out to 7:00 o'clock.
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