Kenpo Technique

UNWINDING PENDULUM (right front kick followed by right punch)

  1. While standing in a right neutral bow stance, drop back with your right foot into a twist stance as you right downward block his kicking leg.
  2. As he right punches, unpivot and left inward block to the outside of his left elbow.
  3. Right front crossover sweep to the back of his left knee, and right underhand claw his groin.
  4. Unpivot and right rear scoop kick to his groin, landing between his legs to buckle his right leg, as you a right outward heel palm his kidneys.
  5. In-place stance change to buckle his left knee, as you execute a left outward and back elbow strike to his face simultaneously with your right heel of palm to his ribs.
  6. Left front crossover to 7:00 as you execute an inverted outward horizontal Cobra Strike.
  7. Double cover out to 6:00.

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