Kenpo Technique

DEFENSIVE CROSS (right front kick)

  1. Starting with both hands up, execute a crossed wrist block (right hand over left, with hands open and dropping them straight down) while stepping back right to a left forward bow stance. When your hands are almost down to your waist your left hand goes into a crane to hook out under his right ankle as your right hand checks his leg on top. Pull his leg back and to the left past your left hip so that he's losing ground and his balance.
  2. Now execute a right outward hanging backknuckle strike to his face or cheek bone followed by a left inward heel of palm strike to his right mastoid which immediately switches to a claw or grab to the hair or the back of his neck (at this point your right hand is back behind you ready for the next move).
  3. Execute a right front snap ball kick to the groin (maintain your grab to his head with your left hand). As you plant back to the point of origin, execute a right stiff arm rising backknuckle strike to the face of the opponent, to sandwich his head between your left grab and your right strike.
  4. Draw your left foot back to a cat stance and deliver a left front snap ball kick to his groin or lower midsection, and plant your left foot back down into the same cat stance.
  5. Shift your weight onto your left foot and execute a right reverse crescent kick, from inside out, to the right side of his head, let the kick follow through and bounce it back into a right roundhouse kick to the left side of his face (on this kick be sure you lay out straight with your right hip over).
  6. Right front crossover and double cover out to 7:00 o'clock.
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