Kenpo Technique

PRANCE OF THE TIGER (right flank step-thru right uppercut punch)

  1. Standing naturally with feet together, drop back slightly with your right foot, into a left 45 degree cat stance as you circle your left hand over and down to do a left hand heel of palm downward parry against his right hand, then take over with your right hand with a right inside downward block (palm up).
  2. As your right hand follows through and cocks across your midsection (your left hand is covering with your palm facing toward 3:00 o'clock) your left foot sweeps across to strike (thrusting sweep kick) to opponent's right shin.
  3. Immediately execute a right side chicken kick to the inside portion of his left knee as you simultaneously execute a right outward backknuckle strike to his right temple.
  4. From your right knife-edge kick (with foot still in the air) have your right foot sweep across and hook the inside of his right leg to sweep him out and spread his legs; as you simultaneously execute a right outward two-finger eyehook to his eyes (keep your left hand checking his arm).
  5. Unpivot counter clockwise and execute a left rear spinning stiff leg sweep to 1:00 o'clock to the inside of his right knee; as your left hand checks his arms.
  6. Continue to pivot counter clockwise and execute a right knee kick to his solar-plexus simultaneously with a right overhead and downward hammerfist strike to the back of his neck.
  7. Now switch your hands so that your right becomes a check to his right shoulder, as you execute a left knee (toward 4:00 o'clock) up to his chin simultaneously with a left hammerfist strike down to the back of his head.
  8. Immediately execute a left front cross over toward 7:00 o'clock as your left heel palm jab to his head toward 5:00 o'clock forces him down.
  9. Double cover out toward 7:00 o'clock.

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