Kenpo Technique

BROKEN ROD (rear right hard pistol)

  1. Standing naturally with opponent pressing gun in your back, pivot clockwise in place (using the heel of your right foot and the ball of your left foot) facing toward 5:00 o'clock, into a right front rotating twist stance, as you simultaneously execute a right outward palm up hooking parry (like carrying a tray).
  2. Step out left into a left neutral bow stance to 5:00 o'clock (to check the outside of opponent's right knee) as you grab the hand of the opponent at the gun with your right hand (palm down) and execute a left uppercut break to the right elbow of the opponent.
  3. Now shift your left hand over and around to his shoulder, sort of pinning his shoulder as you step forward, swinging your right leg around and to the inside of opponent's right knee to buckle; as you rank the gun out of his hand with your right arm.
  4. Immediately execute a right vertical upward strike to the chin of the opponent with the butt of the gun; and in the same motion follow through and loop over clockwise and come back down and inward to hit the throat or sternum of the opponent.
  5. Now hop off left to 4:00 o'clock into a left crane stance as you loop the gun over outward and down (left hand checks) to strike the back of opponent's right elbow (this motion is like the second half of "Glancing Lance").
  6. With your right foot still in the air and cocked, execute a right knife edge thrust kick to the back of opponent's left leg (at the knee) and as you plant your right foot down, the right hand (with the gun), which is down by our right hip, comes up to rake through the right rib cage of our opponent, diagonally and up.
  7. Immediately pivot clockwise in place to a right front rotating twist stance as we strike diagonally down (from left to right) to the back of our opponent's neck with the butt of the gun following through so that you continue the action into a left heel of palm strike to the back of his head (to act as a check) then drop the left hand to pin his right shoulder.
  8. As you unpivot counter clockwise execute an upward diagonal strike (left to right) to the face of the opponent. Follow through with the right foot to 3:00 o'clock.
  9. As you left front Crossover to 3:00 o'clock grab the barrel of the gun, and as you step out right to 3:00 o'clock take the handle of the gun in your right hand (in the proper firing position) and slide your left hand down and under the barrel as a check, taking care as to not allow your hand to move in front of the barrel.
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