Kenpo Technique

DEFYING THE ROD (right front pistol)

  1. Pivot counter clockwise as you slide your left foot to 2:00 into a twist stance and as you left outward parry.
  2. Switch your left hand to a grab to his hand (at the gun) and right front snap ball kick his groin with a right two-finger poke to his eyes.
  3. Plant down to 11:00 to buckle his right knee as your right hand grabs his hand and yanks down and to your left to pull him into a right upward elbow strike to his chin.
  4. Remove his gun with your right hand while maintaining the grab with your left. Step back right to 6:00 and right downward outward diagonal strike with the butt of the gun to the right side of his head.
  5. Continue the flow of the gun back over. As you come up with a right knee kick to his sternum come down with the butt of the gun to the back of his head. Switch it to a right snapping instep kick to the groin and then right knife edge kick to the inside of his left knee.
  6. Right front crossover as your right hand strikes across to the left horizontally to hit the inside of your opponent's right elbow.
  7. Right downward outward backward strike with the butt of the gun to the head of the opponent.
  8. Unpivot. As you execute a left spinning back kick take the gun by the barrel with your left hand and cross out left toward 6:00 as you switch the gun to your right hand and step out to 6:00 with your right foot.

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