Kenpo Technique

TWISTED ROD (right front pistol against your right chest)

  1. Step forward with your left foot as you right outward parry the barrel of the gun and your left hand grabs his right hand.
  2. Step to 11:00 as your right forearm pins against the back of his right hand.
  3. Pivot in place counter clockwise to 6:00 as your left hand and right forearm twist his right wrist and arm counter clockwise as he is thrown over your right leg to land on his back.
  4. Right shoveling kick (first the ball of your foot then the heel in the same motion) to his right rib cage following through and then up.
  5. Right point of heel stomp to the left shoulder. Plant your right foot to the right of his left arm and pivot counter clockwise into a left close kneel stance.
  6. Drop down with your right knee to his throat as you right two-finger poke his eyes.
  7. Take the gun with your right hand and strike down and back (toward your right leg) through his right side of jaw with the butt of the gun, then strike again forward and through his face with the butt of the gun, following through to hit and hurt his right arm.
  8. Stand up and execute a right knife-edge kick to his right arm stepping through to 4:00 and as you left front crossover to 3:00 take the gun by the barrel with your left hand and switch it to your right hand so that as you step out right to 3:00 you are aiming the gun at the opponent with the left hand below in a checking position.
T_TwistRod01.JPG T_TwistRod02.JPG T_TwistRod03.JPG T_TwistRod04.JPG
T_TwistRod05.JPG T_TwistRod06.JPG T_TwistRod07.JPG T_TwistRod08.JPG

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