Kenpo Technique

DANCE OF DARKNESS (right front kick followed by right punch)

  1. Starting in a right neutral bow, step with right foot to 6 o'clock into a rear twist stance with a right downward parry to kick followed by a left inward parry to punch.
  2. Step forward to a right neutral bow to 12 o'clock with a right outward parry outside of opponent's right arm.
  3. Step forward to a left neutral bow to 12 o'clock with a right inward elbow sliding through the opponent's rib cage with the left hand checking.
  4. Pivot to 3 o'clock with a right outward backknuckle to opponent's right kidney simultaneous with a left vertical punch to opponent's right mastoid.
  5. With your left hand pressing and checking opponent's right shoulder do a right rolling vertical backknuckle to opponent's right temple. Circle right hand counter clockwise to a right inward two finger horizontal hook (following opponent's arm) immediately followed by a left two-finger hook to opponent's eyes as you do a left front twist to 5 o'clock (sweeping opponent's right leg).
  6. Spin out of twist clockwise with a right reverse roundhouse sweep (dropping opponent to back with his head toward 12 o'clock) ending in a left forward bow toward 12 o'clock).
  7. Proceed to throw a right front kick to opponent's floating ribs and immediately hop to a left side kick to opponent's face.
  8. Double cover out toward 6 o'clock.

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