Advgreen Belt Techniques

CIRCLES OF PROTECTION (front step through overhead right punch)

The attacker attempts a high straight punch.
  1. With feet together, step to 11 o'clock with your left leg into a left forward bow. Simultaneously deliver a right upward blocking parry (hand open) under and outside of opponent's right punch (your left hand is cocked to your waist).
  2. Shift to your right, back into a left neutral bow, as you deliver a left upward ripping claw to block under opponent's right arm from the inside in addition to clawing his face in the same motion. Your right (open hand) is cocked high to the right side of your face.
  3. Continue circling your right hand clockwise and execute a right underhand heel and claw strike to opponent's groin as your left hand cocks on top of your right forearm.
  4. Without any hesitation deliver a left back knuckle strike to opponent's face as your shuffle forward.
  5. Left front crossover and cover out twice toward 6 o'clock.
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MENACING TWIRL (left hand rear belt grab)

Your opponent grabs you from behind by the belt (and shoulder), as a bouncer might.
  1. With back toward opponent and standing with feet together, step back and to your left with your right foot to 8 o'clock (a rear twist stance) as you deliver a right outward downward block. (Have your left hand in checking position near your solar plexus.)
  2. Immediately pivot clockwise to 8 o'clock (now facing opponent) and deliver a left heel of palm thrust to opponent's chin while shifting into a right forward bow.
  3. Follow-up with a left knee kick to opponent's groin.
  4. Plant your left foot (in place) and immediately deliver a right roundhouse knee kick to inside of opponent's right thigh.
  5. Have the right foot (from last position) stomp onto the right instep of opponent.
  6. Right front crossover and cover out twice toward 2 o'clock.
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TAMING THE MACE (Right punch while against a wall)

The attacker steps through with a right punch while you are backed up against a wall.

  1. Step forward with your left foot into a left close kneel stance as you left inward parry the outside of the arm and right inward chop the inside of the elbow.
  2. Check by pinning your opponent's hand to your chest as you simultaneously deliver a right backfist to the side of the head.
  3. Step with your left foot into a right rear twist stance as you simultaneously grab the right shoulder with your right hand anchoring downward.
  4. Untwist in a counter-clockwise direction driving your opponent into the wall.
  5. Check opponent's body with both hands as you deliver a right roundhouse knee to any available target.
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SNAKING TALON (Two-hand front push)

The attacker steps in with his right foot and pushes with both hands.

  1. Step back with your left foot into a right neutral bow as you do a right inward parry to the left arm of the opponent.
  2. Continue the motion as you circle clockwise around the right hand of the opponent, grabbing at the wrist while drawing back into a right cat stance.
  3. Deliver a right front kick to the stomach or groin as you turn counter-clockwise, planting in a natural stance facing 6:00.
  4. Deliver a left-right chicken rear kick to available targets.
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CAPTURING THE STORM (Overhead club strike)

The attacker steps through with an overhead club strike.

  1. Step forward with your left foot into a left neutral bow with a right-over-left cross block to opponent's wrist.
  2. Both hands grab wrist and swing arm inward and downward, hitting his right knee with club.  While hands are moving, turn into a forward bow.
  3. Step to 11:00 into a right forward bow as both arms circle opponent's arm out to the front of your body. Right hand grabs end of club pushing downward as left hand twists in and counter-clockwise on wrist.
  4. Left foot to 10:30 and pivot counter-clockwise into a right neutral stance facing 4:30; left hand pulls arm back to hip and right hand (with club) strikes opponent's right elbow.

  5. Right hand (with club) strikes back of head downward and strikes front of right knee, then reverses direction and strikes back of right knee. Left foot crossover as left handsword strikes ribs and right club strikes upward to head.
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CIRCLE OF DOOM (Front straight right kick)

The attacker attempts a front straight right kick.
  1. While in a right neutral bow (facing 12 o'clock) and your arms are to your side, pivot to your left into a right reverse bow as you deliver a right inside downward (palm down) in and up against opponent's right kicking leg just behind his right calf. Your left hand is in guard position at this point crossed over your right forearm. Continue circling your right arm counter clockwise to execute a right extended outward block.
  2. Force your opponent's right leg in a looping counter clockwise arc as you deliver a right rear stiff leg kick up and under opponent's groin (if necessary drag your left foot in to assist you in gauging your distance), striking the groin with the back of your right heel.
  3. Plant your right foot (in place) and deliver a left hooking kick to your opponent's head.
  4. Left front crossover without planting your kicking foot and cover out twice toward 6 o'clock.
T_CircleDoom01.JPG (15966 bytes) T_CircleDoom02.JPG (17056 bytes) T_CircleDoom03.JPG (16471 bytes)
T_CircleDoom04.JPG (16264 bytes) T_CircleDoom05.JPG (17124 bytes) T_CircleDoom06.JPG (13523 bytes)

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The attacker attempts to shoot in and tackle you around the waist.

  1. Hop off to 11:00 with your left foot into a left, one-legged crane stance as you check your opponent's shoulder with your left hand and deliver a right, downward hammerfist to the kidney.
  2. Plant back with your right foot into a left neutral bow and deliver a left downward elbow to the spine while checking down with the right hand.
  3. Step with your left foot into a right twist stance as you check down with the left hand on back of the attacker's neck.

  4. Untwist counter-clockwise into a right reverse bow as you deliver a right downward punch to the mastoid following through the side of the opponent's head.
  5. Deliver a right reverse heel hook kick to the face.
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CROSS OF DEATH (Two-hand cross-lapel choke)

The attacker grabs your lapels in a cross-choke with his arms extended.

  1. Step forward into a right neutral bow pinning with the left hand, delivering a right inward block to the elbow and glancing into a side fist striking the face.
  2. Turn to a forward bow while right hand pins and left hand delivers an inverted dragon's head fist to the solar plexus.

  3. Left foot to 4:00 into a right rear twist stance with a left extended outward block above the elbow.  Untwist with a right chopping punch to the kidneys, redirecting into an inverted punch to the side of the head.
t_CrsDth01.JPG (14892 bytes) t_CrsDth02.JPG (15163 bytes) t_CrsDth03.JPG (14070 bytes) t_CrsDth04.JPG (15555 bytes)
t_CrsDth05.JPG (14727 bytes) t_CrsDth06.JPG (13146 bytes) t_CrsDth07.JPG (14041 bytes) t_CrsDth08.JPG (13591 bytes)

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DESTRUCTIVE TWINS (two-hand choke, pulling in)

The attacker chokes your from the front, pulling you in.
  1. With feet together, step forward to 12 o'clock with your right foot (right neutral bow) as you deliver a left overhead punch to opponent's face with a right uppercut to opponent's groin. (Keep your back erect and head up.)
  2. Move your right foot slightly to your right to 2 o'clock and execute a right inward and left vertical outward combination blocks outside of opponent's left arm. (At the completion of your left vertical outward, you should be in a right forward bow.)
  3. Immediately thrust your left fingers to opponent's eyes.
  4. Follow-up by pivoting to your left into a horse as you deliver a right punch to opponent's left ribcage simultaneous with your left hand grabbing opponent's left arm, pulling that arm toward your left hip, palm down.
  5. Drop your left back to 4 o'clock; and do right inward horizontal heel palm to opponent's elbow; right front crossover and cover out twice toward 4 o'clock.
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T_DestTwin04.JPG (60105 bytes) T_DestTwin05.JPG (60571 bytes) T_DestTwin06.JPG (57887 bytes)

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BROKEN RAM (front tackle)

The attacker attempts to tackle you from the front.

  1. Have your left foot swing counter clockwise to 4 o'clock into a right neutral bow. Simultaneously deliver a right overhead downward hammer fist to opponent's neck. (Chop can be used.)
  2. With opponent's left arm still grasping on to your waist, pivot to your left (into a right reverse bow facing 10 o'clock) and deliver a right uppercut against the joint of opponent's left elbow to cause a break.
  3. Deliver a right back scoop kick to opponent's groin and plant your right foot to point of origin. (Adjust the foot if and when necessary.)
  4. While planting your right foot, loop your right hand counter clockwise and over opponent's left arm and strike to opponent's left jaw with a right downward hammer fist simultaneously as your right foot plants from previous move (buckling inside of opponent's left leg).
  5. Right front crossover and cover out twice toward 4 o'clock.
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ESCAPE FROM DEATH (right rear arm choke)

  1. With choke being applied, immediately step to your right (to 3 o'clock) with your right foot into a horse stance. Turn your head to your left and tuck your chin against your chest as your right hand grabs and pulls down on opponent's right wrist (anchoring right elbow). Simultaneously deliver a left back elbow to opponent's solar plexus. Follow-up with a left hammer fist to groin.
  2. Circle your left leg around and back of opponent's right leg toward 7 o'clock and immediately into a left close kneel stance as your right hammer fist strikes to opponent's groin and your left hammer fist strikes to opponent's kidneys.
  3. Circle your left hand over and under opponent's nose, forcing opponent's head back as you shift to a left forward bow and deliver a right heel thrust to opponent's jaw. Conclude with a right knee kick to outside of opponent's right thigh.
  4. Replant your right foot; left front crossover and cover out twice toward 2 o'clock.
T_EscDeath01.JPG (56351 bytes) T_EscDeath02.JPG (57126 bytes) T_EscDeath03.JPG (49240 bytes)
T_EscDeath04.JPG (56934 bytes) T_EscDeath05.JPG (55916 bytes) T_EscDeath06.JPG (55829 bytes)


  1. With opponent applying full Nelson, have your right foot drop to your right (toward 3 o'clock) into a horse stance and immediately shift into a left close cat as your left foot cats behind and back of opponent's legs toward 8 o'clock as both of your arms grab the back of opponent's knees.
  2. Lift opponent's legs off the ground.
  3. Spin counter clockwise and smash opponent against a wall, pole, etc. If opponent is too big and heavy just drop opponent on his back with the possibility of having opponent's head smash down on to the concrete, ground, etc.

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