Black1 Belt Techniques

SNAPPING TWIG (Left hand push or grab to right shoulder)

  1. Left foot back with simultaneous left heel palm to opponent’s wrist and right heel palm to opponent’s elbow.
  2. Right hand shape of crane friction pull on opponent’s arm with left heel palm to jaw.
  3. Right four knuckle rake to face.
  4. Step-drag forward with a right inside elbow to head.

(Note: the last 2 images below are two perspectives of the same move.)

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THUNDERING HAMMERS (Right straight punch)

The attacker throws a straight right punch at you.

  1. Step forward into a left neutral bow with a left inward block.
  2. Step-drag forward into a forward bow dropping to a close kneel to check your opponent's right knee with your right knee as you deliver a backfist to the stomach while checking high with your left hand.
  3. Replace left check to shoulder with the right hand as you switch to a right close kneel and a hammerfist to the left kidney.
  4. Switch back to a left close kneel with a right hammerfist to the back of the opponent's neck, checking with the left hand.
  5. Drop your left foot back to 7:00 into a right neutral bow, checking with a left hand and delivering a right, downward back-knuckle to the opponent's right mastoid.
  6. Continue checking with the left hand as you step drag in and with an upward palm-heel claw to the face.
t_ThHmmr1.JPG (16835 bytes) t_ThHmmr2.JPG (16465 bytes) t_ThHmmr3.JPG (15642 bytes) t_ThHmmr4.JPG (15520 bytes)
t_ThHmmr5.JPG (16440 bytes) t_ThHmmr6.JPG (16665 bytes) t_ThHmmr7.JPG (15174 bytes)

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FLASHING WINGS (Right straight punch)

The attacker steps in with his right leg and throws a right straight punch.

  1. Step forward into a left neutral bow with a left inward block (at or above the elbow).
  2. Step-drag forward into a left close-kneel with a right inward elbow to the ribs, glancing through.
  3. Pivot to a left neutral bow with a right outward elbow to the right kidney causing the attacker to move forward and arch his back.
  4. In the same motion, follow the right elbow with a right outward knife-hand to the back of his neck (as he arches back).
  5. Continue rotating clockwise into a right close kneel stance as you follow the right strikes with a left knife hand to the back of his neck as your right hand checks his right arm.
  6. Switch your check and deliver a right upward heel palm to his face as you turn back into a neutral bow.

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t_flwgs6.jpg (11720 bytes)

t_flwgs7.jpg (11916 bytes)

t_flwgs8.jpg (10300 bytes)

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DANCE OF DEATH (Right punch from front)

  1. Left to 10:30 with left inward block.
  2. Right ridge hand to groin.
  3. Left hand tracks down opponent’s body to back of opponent’s right knee, with right step thru and right forearm to opponent’s torso to take down.

  4. As attacker falls on back and legs rise in air, right backfist to left inside leg, circling into right ridge hand to groin
  5. Grab left leg (still held to your body with your left hand) with both hands, twist leg to your other side while changing your stance (flipping him onto his stomach)
  6. Step on his back with your left leg, step off with your right (moving to the right), and then heel kick his right kidney with your left heel.
  7. Right chop to back of neck.
  8. Step on his back with your right leg, step off with your left (moving to the left), and then rear kick his head with your right foot.

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T_DanceDeath01.JPG T_DanceDeath02.JPG T_DanceDeath03.JPG T_DanceDeath04.JPG T_DanceDeath05.JPG
T_DanceDeath06.JPG T_DanceDeath07.JPG T_DanceDeath08.JPG T_DanceDeath09.JPG T_DanceDeath10.JPG
T_DanceDeath11.JPG T_DanceDeath12.JPG T_DanceDeath13.JPG T_DanceDeath14.JPG  

HOOKING WINGS (Two hand low push from front)

The attacker pushes you below chest level and/or your hands are starting from a high position.

  1. Step back with your left foot, pulling your right foot into a right cat stance, and executing two downward parries hooking your hands to the outside (in the shape of the crane).
  2. Deliver a right front kick to the opponent's groin or stomach.  (Note: if executed properly, the previous step and this one should all be executed on the count of one.)
  3. Plant forward into a right neutral bow while delivering a right hammerfist raking across his face.
  4. Turn the rake over looping back up in a figure eight and coming down into a downward backfist to the bridge of the nose.
  5. Reverse the motion again into an upward elbow to his chin.
  6. Reverse it again by delivering a downward palm-heel claw to the face.

t_hwngs1.jpg (12902 bytes)

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t_hwngs3.jpg (13340 bytes)

t_hwngs4.jpg (13526 bytes)

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t_hwngs7.jpg (13149 bytes)

t_hwngs8.jpg (12929 bytes)

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LEAPING CRANE (front step through right punch)

  1. With feet together, hop to your left (toward ten o'clock) into a left one leg (crane) stance with your right foot cocked to inside portion of your left knee as your left hand parries inward and your right arm cocks horizontally across your waist.

  2. Deliver a right snapping knife-edge kick to outside portion of opponent's right knee to buckle him.

  3. As you plant your right foot between opponent's legs (between one and two o'clock), deliver a right back knuckle strike to opponent's left kidney.

  4. Immediately deliver a right inward elbow strike to opponent's head as your left heel of palm strikes opponent's left mastoid-thus a sandwiching blow.

(Black Belt Extension)

  1. Shift first into a right neutral bow as you execute a right five finger ripping face claw (from the left side of opponent's face, ripping back and toward you) and (as rip is in progress) then shift into a right forward bow as you simultaneously deliver a left thrusting chop (palm down, with your fingers pointed toward you) to back of opponent's neck.

  2. Shift back into a right neutral bow as you execute a right chop to right side of opponent's neck.

  3. Right front scoop kick to groin of opponent and left chicken kick to upper spine of opponent.

  4. Right from the left chicken kick (while your left foot is still in the air) left front crossover stomp to top of opponent's right ankle to break.

  5. Have your right foot back and toward five o'clock and execute a left stiff-leg lift kick to chin of opponent (your left back of heel is what strikes under opponent's chin).

  6. Replant your left foot (toward eight o'clock) while cocking your right foot and immediately deliver a right side kick to top of opponent's right hip bone.

  7. Right front crossover and cover out twice.

T_LeapCrane01.JPG (58953 bytes) T_LeapCrane02.JPG (60160 bytes) T_LeapCrane03.JPG (58539 bytes) T_LeapCrane04.JPG (60425 bytes) T_LeapCrane05.JPG (57222 bytes)

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PROTECTING FANS (Left-then-right straight punch with left leg forward)

The attacker steps forward with a straight left punch followed by a right one.

  1. Step forward with left leg to 11:00 in a neutral bow with a left inward parry.
  2. Pivot to a forward bow with a right extended outward parry to parry the attacker's right punch.
  3. Grab attacker's right wrist with your right hand as you pull into a right cat with a right front kick to the groin or inside of the attacker's left thigh and a left finger spear to the eye.
  4. Plant forward into a right neutral bow checking down on the attacker's right arm with a left shape of the crane.
  5. Execute a right inward elbow to the attacker's head as he bends forward.
  6. Right claw to attacker's face in a figure "8" path.
  7. Right scoop kick to groin as right foot plants back to 6:00.
T_PrFans01.JPG (39800 bytes) T_PrFans02.JPG (35408 bytes) T_PrFans03.JPG (38039 bytes) T_PrFans04.JPG (39399 bytes)
T_PrFans05.JPG (39319 bytes) T_PrFans06.JPG (39160 bytes) T_PrFans07.JPG (49989 bytes) T_PrFans08.JPG (33782 bytes)

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GRIP OF DEATH (Right headlock from left side)

  1. Right foot to 1:30 with left knee check to opponent’s right leg, and cock hands in figure "U"
  2. Right hammer fist to groin, with simultaneous left hammer fist to kidney.
  3. Track your left hand over your opponent's back and right shoulder, leverage under nose or throat.
  4. Anchor left arm to pull opponents head back and then execute a right palm heel strike to the opponent’s chin as you pivot into a forward bow.

t_gofd01.jpg (12727 bytes)

t_gofd02.jpg (12911 bytes)

t_gofd03.jpg (12939 bytes)

t_gofd04.jpg (12701 bytes)

t_gofd05.jpg (13343 bytes)

t_gofd06.jpg (14282 bytes)

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CROSSING TALON (Right cross-hand grab to right wrist)

  1. Pin grab with left hand and counter grab opponents wrist.
  2. Left foot to 2:30 and left inward block to back of arm.
  3. Left outward elbow to his head.
  4. Left overhead elbow to spine.
  5. Right knee to head.

t_ct01.jpg (13053 bytes)

t_ct02.jpg (12016 bytes)

t_ct03.jpg (12067 bytes)

t_ct04.jpg (10659 bytes)

t_ct05.jpg (10863 bytes)

t_ct06.jpg (10456 bytes)

t_ct07.jpg (9768 bytes)

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CIRCLING FANS (Left-then-right straight punch, left leg forward)

The attacker throws a left then a right straight punch with his left leg forward.

  1. From a standing, feet-together position, step back left.
  2. From a right neutral bow pull back into a right cat a deliver a right inward parry to the attacker's left punch.
  3. As the attacker attempts to step through with a right punch, execute a left inward parry and a right front kick to the attacker's groin, stopping and breaking his height.
  4. Plant forward with a right inverted punch to his face.
  5. Left front cross with a left side fist to attacker's face and a right low check.
  6. Right knee to left inner thigh planting to 11:00 with a left upward forearm to the chin.
  7. Right front cross out to a right neutral bow.
  8. Re-enter with a right crossover rear kick.
T_CircFans01.JPG (34403 bytes) T_CircFans02.JPG (36543 bytes) T_CircFans03.JPG (35368 bytes) T_CircFans04.JPG (40423 bytes)
T_CircFans05.JPG (40204 bytes) T_CircFans06.JPG (37417 bytes) T_CircFans07.JPG (37526 bytes) T_CircFans08.JPG (36722 bytes)
T_CircFans09.JPG (32582 bytes) T_CircFans10.JPG (34396 bytes) T_CircFans11.JPG (39360 bytes) T_CircFans12.JPG (40165 bytes)

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PARTING WINGS (Two hand push from front)

The attacker steps in and pushes you with both hands at about chest level.

  1. Step back with your right foot into a left neutral bow as you simultaneously deliver two outward knife hands to the inside of your opponent's arms.  (Do not extend your knife hands much past the width of your opponent's torso; also, try to keep your palms somewhat parallel to the plane between your two bodies--i.e., your right hand shouldn't be too far behind your left hand.)
  2. Pivot into a forward bow with a right inward knife hand to your opponent's ribs while cocking your left hand in a handsword position under your chin.
  3. Pivot back into a neutral bow and deliver a left outward knife hand to his throat while cocking your right hand by your waist.
  4. Pivot back into a forward bow and deliver a right middle knuckle to the opponent's solar plexus.

t_pwngs1.jpg (12306 bytes)

t_pwngs2.jpg (12566 bytes)

t_pwngs3.jpg (12950 bytes)

t_pwngs4.jpg (12764 bytes)

t_pwngs5.jpg (13418 bytes)

t_pwngs6.jpg (13315 bytes)

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GRIPPING TALON (Left hand grab to right wrist)

The attacker grabs your right wrist with his left hand.

  1. Reach across and grab your opponent's wrist with your left hand.
  2. Step forward to a right neutral bow turning your right hand slightly toward you and in a counter-clockwise direction (small circle), thus breaking the grab against the thumb of your opponent and turning it into a hammerfist to the groin.
  3. Deliver an inward, flapping elbow to the ribs.
  4. Reverse your motion with an outward, horizontal elbow to the floating ribs.

  5. Continue through with a backfist to the floating ribs while simultaneously stepping back into a left rear twist stance.
  6. Continue into a right stiff leg buckle to opponent's left leg as you simultaneously deliver a right ridge hand strike to the back of the neck.
  7. Right knee to the face as you cover out.
t_GrpTln01.JPG (17303 bytes) t_GrpTln02.JPG (16696 bytes) t_GrpTln03.JPG (14760 bytes) t_GrpTln04.JPG (13403 bytes)
t_GrpTln05.JPG (10743 bytes) t_GrpTln06.JPG (13087 bytes) t_GrpTln07.JPG (12903 bytes) t_GrpTln08.JPG (15708 bytes)
t_GrpTln09.JPG (14236 bytes) t_GrpTln10.JPG (13506 bytes) t_GrpTln11.JPG (13799 bytes) Frames 4 & 5 are different angles of the same shot. So are frames 6 & 7. 

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THE BACK BREAKER (Right punch from right side)

The attacker steps through, starting from your right side, with a right punch to the right side of your head.

  1. Step to 2:00 with your right foot while delivering a left, inward parry followed by a right, outward parry.
  2. Step to 1:00 with your left foot as you grab your opponent's shoulders with both hands and step back into a neutral bow facing 7:00.
  3. Deliver a right knee to his back as you  pull him toward you.
  4. Rest your opponent's back on your left knee as you settle into a neutral bow.
  5. Grab your opponent's chin with your right hand as you brace the head with a downward inverted palm heel.
  6. Pull his chin with your right hand as you push with the left in a rippling motion snapping the head in a clockwise direction.
  7. Deliver a right, inward handsword to the side of the throat.
  8. Deliver double inward eye hooks continuing up and through to two downward backfists to opponent's shoulders.
  9. Double-claw the face as you step back to a right wide kneel stance dropping your opponent to the floor.
  10. Twist into a left close-kneel, striking the side of the opponent's face with the outside of your right knee.
  11. Right stomp on your opponent's right collar bone.
t_BkBrkr01.JPG (15127 bytes) t_BkBrkr02.JPG (16154 bytes) t_BkBrkr03.JPG (14764 bytes) t_BkBrkr04.JPG (15384 bytes) t_BkBrkr05.JPG (14871 bytes)
t_BkBrkr06.JPG (14815 bytes) t_BkBrkr07.JPG (13302 bytes) t_BkBrkr08.JPG (13551 bytes) t_BkBrkr09.JPG (13708 bytes) t_BkBrkr10.JPG (13297 bytes)
t_BkBrkr11.JPG (13508 bytes) t_BkBrkr12.JPG (13999 bytes) t_BkBrkr13.JPG (13547 bytes) t_BkBrkr14.JPG (13988 bytes) t_BkBrkr15.JPG (14005 bytes)
t_BkBrkr16.JPG (13055 bytes) t_BkBrkr17.JPG (13262 bytes)      

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RAKING MACE (Two-hand lapel grab pulling in)

The attacker grabs your lapels and pulls you forward.

  1. Trap the opponent's hands to your chest with your left hand as you step forward into a right neutral bow and deliver a right dragon's head fist in uppercut position (inverted middle knuckle) to his solar plexus.
  2. Circle your right arm outward and deliver a right inward hammer fist to his left jaw, raking through in a diagonal motion down to the inside of his elbows, drawing him toward you.
  3. Reverse your motion (figure eight) with a right outward knife hand to the right side of his neck.
  4. Execute a right downward diagonal downward forearm to the opponent's arms, clearing them and causing him to fall forward into a right sandwiching elbow to the head.
t_RkMce1.JPG (16719 bytes) t_RkMce2.JPG (16821 bytes) t_RkMce3.JPG (16004 bytes) t_RkMce4.JPG (15934 bytes) t_RkMce5.JPG (16063 bytes)

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FIVE SWORDS (Right roundhouse punch)

  1. Forward right foot with right inward block.
  2. Right outward knife hand to neck.
  3. Left heel palm strike to the face.
  4. Right inverted punch to his floating rib.
  5. Left foot to 4:30 with a left outward knife hand to the neck.
  6. Right knife hand to the neck.
T_FiveSwds01.JPG (16013 bytes) T_FiveSwds02.JPG (19529 bytes) T_FiveSwds03.JPG (21061 bytes) T_FiveSwds04.JPG (19081 bytes)

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