Black4 Belt Techniques

SNAPPING TWIG (Left hand push or grab to right shoulder)

  1. Left foot back with simultaneous left heel palm to opponent’s wrist and right heel palm to opponent’s elbow.
  2. Right hand shape of crane friction pull on opponent’s arm with left heel palm to jaw.
  3. Right four knuckle rake to face.
  4. Step-drag forward with a right inside elbow to head.

(Note: the last 2 images below are two perspectives of the same move.)

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PARTING WINGS (Two hand push from front)

The attacker steps in and pushes you with both hands at about chest level.

  1. Step back with your right foot into a left neutral bow as you simultaneously deliver two outward knife hands to the inside of your opponent's arms.  (Do not extend your knife hands much past the width of your opponent's torso; also, try to keep your palms somewhat parallel to the plane between your two bodies--i.e., your right hand shouldn't be too far behind your left hand.)
  2. Pivot into a forward bow with a right inward knife hand to your opponent's ribs while cocking your left hand in a handsword position under your chin.
  3. Pivot back into a neutral bow and deliver a left outward knife hand to his throat while cocking your right hand by your waist.
  4. Pivot back into a forward bow and deliver a right middle knuckle to the opponent's solar plexus.

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FIVE SWORDS (Right roundhouse punch)

  1. Forward right foot with right inward block.
  2. Right outward knife hand to neck.
  3. Left heel palm strike to the face.
  4. Right inverted punch to his floating rib.
  5. Left foot to 4:30 with a left outward knife hand to the neck.
  6. Right knife hand to the neck.
T_FiveSwds01.JPG (16013 bytes) T_FiveSwds02.JPG (19529 bytes) T_FiveSwds03.JPG (21061 bytes) T_FiveSwds04.JPG (19081 bytes)

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SCRAPING HOOF (Attempted full nelson)

  1. Left foot to 9:00 in an exaggerated (low) horse stance as you drive both elbows down to stop the hold from being established.
  2. Rise up by moving your left foot slightly toward your right , while at the same time driving both hands toward the ground with a rear head-butt to opponent's face.
  3. Pivot to face 1:30 with right rear scoop kick to opponent’s left knee.
  4. Pivot to face 12:00 with right knife-edge kick to opponent’s right knee.
  5. Right side kick rake opponent’s right shin and right heel stomp opponent’s right instep.
  6. Repeat the kicking sequence with the left side.

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BUCKLING BRANCH (left front kick)

  1. Back right foot with left downward block.
  2. Right scoop to opponent's groin.
  3. Left side thrust kick to opponent’s right leg.
T_BuckBrnch01.JPG (59315 bytes) T_BuckBrnch02.JPG (58236 bytes) T_BuckBrnch03.JPG (60782 bytes)
T_BuckBrnch04.JPG (58267 bytes) T_BuckBrnch05.JPG (59197 bytes) T_BuckBrnch06.JPG (58763 bytes)

SWINGING PENDULUM (front roundhouse right kick)

  1. Standing in a right neutral bow (fighting stance), slide your left foot counterclockwise to 4 o'clock and strike with a right inward block simultaneously with a left downward block (universal block) against opponent's kicking right leg preferably at the knee.
  2. Shuffle (push drag) toward 11 o'clock as you deliver a right downward hammer fist to opponent's groin. (You're still in a right neutral bow with your left hand checking high.)
  3. Again shift your left foot counterclockwise to ' o'clock as you deliver a right upward vertical elbow strike to opponent's jaw.
  4. Right front crossover and cover out to 2 o'clock.
T_SwngPend01.JPG (58003 bytes) T_SwngPend02.JPG (55884 bytes) T_SwngPend03.JPG (55876 bytes) T_SwngPend04.JPG (52738 bytes)

CIRCLING THE HORIZON (Right straight punch)

The attacker steps through with a right punch with relatively little reaction time for you (i.e., the punch is already too close to your face for you to step into a neutral bow with an inner block).

  1. Step off to 9:00 with the left foot, pulling the right foot into a 45 degree cat stance as you apply a left inward parry (to the opponent's fist) while cocking your right hand.
  2. Step forward with your right foot behind your opponent's right foot as you deliver a right, inverted punch to his temple.  Note that if done correctly this step is not really step 2 but a continuation of step 1 (1-1/2). Also note that although the parry deflects the opponent below the elbow (at the hand),  this punch also serves as a check against his elbow buckling forward into your face.
  3. Step drag forward and drop slightly into a wide kneel with an inward, horizontal elbow to the floating ribs.
  4. Drop further into the wide kneel  as your deliver a right backfist to the back of your opponent's thigh, continuing through.
  5. Continue even further into the stance and reverse your motion into a right inverted backfist to the groin.
t_CrcHrzn1.JPG (16770 bytes) t_CrcHrzn2.JPG (15075 bytes) t_CrcHrzn3.JPG (16686 bytes) t_CrcHrzn4.JPG (16858 bytes)
t_CrcHrzn5.JPG (16978 bytes) t_CrcHrzn6a.JPG (17277 bytes) t_CrcHrzn6b.JPG (15832 bytes) Note: the last two pictures on the left are two angles of the same strike.

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RAKING MACE (Two-hand lapel grab pulling in)

The attacker grabs your lapels and pulls you forward.

  1. Trap the opponent's hands to your chest with your left hand as you step forward into a right neutral bow and deliver a right dragon's head fist in uppercut position (inverted middle knuckle) to his solar plexus.
  2. Circle your right arm outward and deliver a right inward hammer fist to his left jaw, raking through in a diagonal motion down to the inside of his elbows, drawing him toward you.
  3. Reverse your motion (figure eight) with a right outward knife hand to the right side of his neck.
  4. Execute a right downward diagonal downward forearm to the opponent's arms, clearing them and causing him to fall forward into a right sandwiching elbow to the head.
t_RkMce1.JPG (16719 bytes) t_RkMce2.JPG (16821 bytes) t_RkMce3.JPG (16004 bytes) t_RkMce4.JPG (15934 bytes) t_RkMce5.JPG (16063 bytes)

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THUNDERING HAMMERS (Right straight punch)

The attacker throws a straight right punch at you.

  1. Step forward into a left neutral bow with a left inward block.
  2. Step-drag forward into a forward bow dropping to a close kneel to check your opponent's right knee with your right knee as you deliver a backfist to the stomach while checking high with your left hand.
  3. Replace left check to shoulder with the right hand as you switch to a right close kneel and a hammerfist to the left kidney.
  4. Switch back to a left close kneel with a right hammerfist to the back of the opponent's neck, checking with the left hand.
  5. Drop your left foot back to 7:00 into a right neutral bow, checking with a left hand and delivering a right, downward back-knuckle to the opponent's right mastoid.
  6. Continue checking with the left hand as you step drag in and with an upward palm-heel claw to the face.
t_ThHmmr1.JPG (16835 bytes) t_ThHmmr2.JPG (16465 bytes) t_ThHmmr3.JPG (15642 bytes) t_ThHmmr4.JPG (15520 bytes)
t_ThHmmr5.JPG (16440 bytes) t_ThHmmr6.JPG (16665 bytes) t_ThHmmr7.JPG (15174 bytes)

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GIFT OF DESTRUCTION (Right handshake)

  1. Hop left toward 11:00 with a left inward heel palm to elbow and right knee to attacker's groin.
  2. Plant forward with right inward elbow to attacker's head.
T_GiftDestruct01.JPG (20320 bytes) T_GiftDestruct02.JPG (20480 bytes) T_GiftDestruct03.JPG (18274 bytes)

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CRUSHING HAMMER (Rear bear hug, arms pinned)

  1. Left to 9:00 with left hand pin to opponent’s hands and right hammer fist to groin.
  2. Right V-step around opponent's left leg to right leg check and right palm heel to groin.
  3. Right rear rising elbow to chin with claw to groin.
  4. Left heel palm to rib.

t_crshmr1.jpg (11097 bytes)

t_crshmr2.jpg (13686 bytes)

t_crshmr3.jpg (14044 bytes)

t_crshmr4.jpg (12737 bytes)

t_crshmr5.jpg (14029 bytes)

t_crshmr6.jpg (13756 bytes)

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SLEEPER (Right punch)

The attacker steps in with his right foot and throws a straight right punch to your face.

  1. Step to 11:00 into a left neutral bow, executing a left inward block (at or above the elbow).
  2. Pivot to a left forward bow with a right ridge hand straight up the body and at the last moment turning in to strike the throat.
  3. C-step forward with your right foot, planting your foot around and then behind the attacker's right foot into a right neutral bow.  Simultaneously clasp both of your palms between the thumb and forefinger, squeezing against your body so that your opponent's right arm is trapped up against his neck ("sleeper" hold).
  4. Slide your left foot to 5:00 as your left hand grabs under the chin (or the sleeve) and untwist (counterclockwise), turning into a left forward bow facing 7:30.  This should drop your opponent over your right leg and onto the ground.
  5. Follow the opponent down by trapping under a left close-kneel stance checking with your left hand and punching his temple with your right.

t_sleep1.jpg (12743 bytes)

t_sleep2.jpg (12990 bytes)

t_sleep3.jpg (13137 bytes)

t_sleep4.jpg (12337 bytes)

t_sleep5.jpg (12753 bytes)

t_sleep6.jpg (11838 bytes)

t_sleep7.jpg (12702 bytes)

t_sleep8.jpg (11919 bytes)

t_sleep9.jpg (11844 bytes)

Pictures 4 and 5 above are 2 angles of the same step. (Picture 6 shows the back leg pivoting.)

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OBSTRUCTING THE STORM (front right overhead club)

  1. Left foot forward to 10:30 with right over left ‘X’ block.
  2. Left foot to 1:30 with right hand counter grab opponent’s, with left inward block behind arm.
  3. Leverage and takedown opponent to left hip.
  4. Right knee to opponent's head or chest.
T_ObsStrm01.JPG (58942 bytes) T_ObsStrm02.JPG (60264 bytes) T_ObsStrm03.JPG (60722 bytes) T_ObsStrm04.JPG (60162 bytes) T_ObsStrm05.JPG (53432 bytes)

LOCKED WING (Rear hammerlock)

  1. Back left foot with right counter grab and left rear elbow.
  2. Left arm wrap around opponent's right arm.
  3. Pivot to right close-kneel stance while checking opponent’s height zone.
  4. Right foot back into forward bow.
  5. Pivot to left neutral bow while spiraling opponent clockwise.
  6. Simultaneous right knee and right hammer fist to opponent’s torso.

t_lkwg1.jpg (14010 bytes)

t_lkwg2.jpg (13649 bytes)

t_lkwg3.jpg (13937 bytes)

t_lkwg4.jpg (11562 bytes)

t_lkwg5.jpg (11854 bytes)

t_lkwg6.jpg (11680 bytes)

t_lkwg7.jpg (11591 bytes)


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CROSS OF DESTRUCTION (Two hand rear choke)

The attacker chokes you in close with two hands from behind.

  1. Step to 9:00 with your left foot into a low horse stance as you simultaneously grab your opponent's wrists by the thumbs, anchoring your elbows.
  2. Right rear cross-over into a twist stance, duck your head under your opponent's hands, and untwist into a left forward bow facing your opponent pulling downward on his hands.   Note: you should be holding your opponents hands such that they are crossed at the elbows.
  3. Right front-kick his the inside of his right (back) knee.
  4. Plant forward into a right neutral bow, straightening your right arm as if you were delivering a right, inverted punch to the head, and holding the other arm taut.  This should break the opponent's left arm.

t_crdes1.jpg (12167 bytes)

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