Brown2 Belt Techniques

RAINING LANCE (Overhead knife)

The attacker steps forward with a fast overhead knife attack.

  1. Step with your left foot to 11:00 into a neutral bow with a left outward parry.
  2. Raise your right arm to create an open-ended triangle and guide the knife into the attacker's right thigh.
  3. Pivot into a left forward bow with a right inward elbow to the attacker's head.
  4. Left palm up-squeeze to attacker's throat as your right hand checks.
  5. Switch to a right pinch to attacker's eyes as left hand circles down to claw his groin.
  6. Right step behind his leg with a left outward forearm to his throat, anchoring, and taking him down over your right knee.
  7. Right hammer to any target followed by a left heel palm to his jaw.
T_RainLance01.JPG T_RainLance02.JPG T_RainLance03.JPG T_RainLance04.JPG
T_RainLance05.JPG T_RainLance06.JPG T_RainLance07.JPG T_RainLance08.JPG
T_RainLance09.JPG T_RainLance10.JPG T_RainLance11.JPG  

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BROKEN ROD (rear right hard pistol)

  1. Standing naturally with opponent pressing gun in your back, pivot clockwise in place (using the heel of your right foot and the ball of your left foot) facing toward 5:00 o'clock, into a right front rotating twist stance, as you simultaneously execute a right outward palm up hooking parry (like carrying a tray).
  2. Step out left into a left neutral bow stance to 5:00 o'clock (to check the outside of opponent's right knee) as you grab the hand of the opponent at the gun with your right hand (palm down) and execute a left uppercut break to the right elbow of the opponent.
  3. Now shift your left hand over and around to his shoulder, sort of pinning his shoulder as you step forward, swinging your right leg around and to the inside of opponent's right knee to buckle; as you rank the gun out of his hand with your right arm.
  4. Immediately execute a right vertical upward strike to the chin of the opponent with the butt of the gun; and in the same motion follow through and loop over clockwise and come back down and inward to hit the throat or sternum of the opponent.
  5. Now hop off left to 4:00 o'clock into a left crane stance as you loop the gun over outward and down (left hand checks) to strike the back of opponent's right elbow (this motion is like the second half of "Glancing Lance").
  6. With your right foot still in the air and cocked, execute a right knife edge thrust kick to the back of opponent's left leg (at the knee) and as you plant your right foot down, the right hand (with the gun), which is down by our right hip, comes up to rake through the right rib cage of our opponent, diagonally and up.
  7. Immediately pivot clockwise in place to a right front rotating twist stance as we strike diagonally down (from left to right) to the back of our opponent's neck with the butt of the gun following through so that you continue the action into a left heel of palm strike to the back of his head (to act as a check) then drop the left hand to pin his right shoulder.
  8. As you unpivot counter clockwise execute an upward diagonal strike (left to right) to the face of the opponent. Follow through with the right foot to 3:00 o'clock.
  9. As you left front Crossover to 3:00 o'clock grab the barrel of the gun, and as you step out right to 3:00 o'clock take the handle of the gun in your right hand (in the proper firing position) and slide your left hand down and under the barrel as a check, taking care as to not allow your hand to move in front of the barrel.
T_BrokeRod01.JPG T_BrokeRod02.JPG T_BrokeRod03.JPG T_BrokeRod04.JPG
T_BrokeRod05.JPG T_BrokeRod06.JPG T_BrokeRod07.JPG T_BrokeRod08.JPG

PIERCING LANCE (Front thrusting knife)

The attacker thrusts a knife at you with his right hand.

  1. From a left neutral bow with your hands high, shift your right foot to 7:00 with a left inward parry and a right downward parry (palm in) to slip the knife thrust.
  2. Left hand comes down and grabs the attacker's wrist.
  3. Execute a right spinning elbow to the attacker's spine.
  4. Reverse your step (spin back) with your feet closer together and deliver a left outward chop to his throat.
  5. Grab his collar or lapel with your left hand and step back with your left leg, pulling him down so his right elbow is struck over your right knee, causing him to drop the knife.
T_PierceLance01.JPG T_PierceLance02.JPG T_PierceLance03.JPG T_PierceLance04.JPG
T_PierceLance05.JPG T_PierceLance06.JPG T_PierceLance07.JPG T_PierceLance08.JPG
T_PierceLance09.JPG T_PierceLance10.JPG T_PierceLance11.JPG T_PierceLance12.JPG

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CAPTURING THE ROD (right front pistol against your left chest)

  1. Standing naturally with hands down step forward right to 12:00 o'clock to a right neutral bow stance, as you execute a left outward parry close to your body to catch and deflect the barrel of the gun (be sure that your body pivots counter clockwise to face square to 9:00 o'clock) as your right hand simultaneously reaches over (and palm down) to grab the gun at the chamber or the hammer.
  2. Now that your right hand has control of the gun, execute a left two-finger poke to his eyes, immediately snap the poke back so that the left hand is down under the gun.
  3. Now use your left hand to assist your right and as you step back to 6:00 o'clock with your right leg to a left neutral bow stance, twist his wrist and the gun clockwise and back so that the barrel points toward him.
  4. Now simultaneously as you switch your left neutral bow stance to a foward bow stance, yank the gun from his grip with your right hand so that the trigger finger of his right hand is forced back and broken in the process and as you pull the gun back past your right hip simultaneously execute a right front snap ball kick to the groin of your opponent. As you plant down from the kick (forward and toward 12:00 o'clock) come up with the butt of the gun in an arc diagonally upward and to the right to strike the jaw of the opponent (your left hand is checking at this point to his right arm).
  5. Now execute a downward diagonal inward strike to his left cheek bone, followed by a right looping outward and downward strike to the other side of his head to his jaw and follow through and down with the gun sort of back toward your right hip (all this is like a figure '8' pattern) as you step back to a right neutral bow.
  6. Now as you execute a left front crossover grab the barrel of the gun with your left hand, and switch your right hand so that you have the proper pistol grip. And as you execute a right reverse step through, drop your left hand down below the gun into a guard position (do not your left hand exceed the end of the barrel).
  7. You are now clear and aiming the gun at the opponent.
T_CapRod01.JPG T_CapRod02.JPG T_CapRod03.JPG T_CapRod04.JPG
T_CapRod05.JPG T_CapRod06.JPG T_CapRod07.JPG T_CapRod08.JPG

TWISTED ROD (right front pistol against your right chest)

  1. Step forward with your left foot as you right outward parry the barrel of the gun and your left hand grabs his right hand.
  2. Step to 11:00 as your right forearm pins against the back of his right hand.
  3. Pivot in place counter clockwise to 6:00 as your left hand and right forearm twist his right wrist and arm counter clockwise as he is thrown over your right leg to land on his back.
  4. Right shoveling kick (first the ball of your foot then the heel in the same motion) to his right rib cage following through and then up.
  5. Right point of heel stomp to the left shoulder. Plant your right foot to the right of his left arm and pivot counter clockwise into a left close kneel stance.
  6. Drop down with your right knee to his throat as you right two-finger poke his eyes.
  7. Take the gun with your right hand and strike down and back (toward your right leg) through his right side of jaw with the butt of the gun, then strike again forward and through his face with the butt of the gun, following through to hit and hurt his right arm.
  8. Stand up and execute a right knife-edge kick to his right arm stepping through to 4:00 and as you left front crossover to 3:00 take the gun by the barrel with your left hand and switch it to your right hand so that as you step out right to 3:00 you are aiming the gun at the opponent with the left hand below in a checking position.
T_TwistRod01.JPG T_TwistRod02.JPG T_TwistRod03.JPG T_TwistRod04.JPG
T_TwistRod05.JPG T_TwistRod06.JPG T_TwistRod07.JPG T_TwistRod08.JPG

FALCONS OF FORCE (Shoulder grabs from both sides)

Two attackers grab you from close range at both sides.

  1. Step right to 2:30 to pivot off the point of the right attacker's grab and execute a right outward knife hand to the right attacker's throat or collar bone, driving him back.
  2. Pivot in place with a right finger whip to the left attacker's eye as your left arm checks his grabbing arm.
  3. Step right to 10:30 with a left outward stiff arm chop to the left attacker's throat.
  4. As the right attacker recovers and attempts to attack you from behind, execute a left rear cross and untwist with a right inward block to the right attacker's punch with a simultaneous right front kick to his groin.
  5. Left rear cross and right rear kick to the left attacker.
  6. Right front cross out and step through in reverse to face both attackers.
  7. Right spinning hook kick to any available targets.

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T_FalForce01.JPG T_FalForce02.JPG T_FalForce03.JPG T_FalForce04.JPG T_FalForce05.JPG
T_FalForce06.JPG T_FalForce07.JPG T_FalForce08.JPG T_FalForce09.JPG T_FalForce10.JPG

THE BEAR AND THE RAM (Front right punch/rear bear hug, arms free)

One attacker grabs you from the rear in an arms-free bear hug while a second attacker attempts to punch you with a step-through right punch.

  1. Execute a right front kick to stop the front attacker's momentum, along with a left inward block as you drop your height (to disrupt the rear attacker).
  2. Plant right to 3:00 in a horse stance and do Crashing Wings to the rear attacker.
  3. Execute a left rear cross and deliver a right rear kick to the front attacker as he is attempting to recover and attack.
  4. Without planting your foot, deliver a right front kick to the rear attacker's face as he sits up.
T_BearRam01.JPG (36790 bytes) T_BearRam02.JPG (40361 bytes) T_BearRam03.JPG (41332 bytes) T_BearRam04.JPG (38282 bytes) T_BearRam05.JPG (39918 bytes)
T_BearRam06.JPG (38585 bytes) T_BearRam07.JPG (38772 bytes) T_BearRam08.JPG (37557 bytes) T_BearRam09.JPG (37504 bytes) T_BearRam10.JPG (35373 bytes)

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THE RAM AND THE EAGLE (Left rear collar grab/right front punch)

One attacker grabs your left collar from the rear while a second attacker throws a right front punch.

  1. Step back with your right foot to 6:00 with a left inward block and a right outward hammerfist to the rear attacker's face, causing him to release his grab.
  2. Step through and do Flashing Mace to the front attacker so you end facing 6:00 because the rear attacker is coming back with a right roundhouse punch.
  3. Deliver a right front kick to his groin with a right inward block and plant forward with Five Swords.
  4. After the last chop, cross over into a rotating twist stance with a right heel palm claw to the rear attacker's groin.
  5. Execute a right front kick to the front attacker's groin and then a left rear kick to the rear attacker.
T_RamEagle01.JPG (33318 bytes) T_RamEagle02.JPG (45549 bytes) T_RamEagle03.JPG (39044 bytes) T_RamEagle04.JPG (39979 bytes) T_RamEagle05.JPG (36370 bytes)
T_RamEagle06.JPG (37674 bytes) T_RamEagle07.JPG (41476 bytes) T_RamEagle08.JPG (37914 bytes) T_RamEagle09.JPG (40198 bytes) T_RamEagle10.JPG (42493 bytes)
T_RamEagle11.JPG (44704 bytes) T_RamEagle12.JPG (39122 bytes) T_RamEagle13.JPG (39196 bytes)    

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COURTING THE TIGER (left and right arm grab)>

  1. With feet together and opponents executing grabs on both of your arms, step back and to your left to 8 o'clock with your right foot (right rear twist stance) in the hope of trying to stomp foot of left opponent as your right hand grabs your opponent's right arm (opponent to your right) and pulls him toward you, simultaneously push the opponent who is to your left away from you with your left arm (anchoring you left elbow down and into left opponent's right ribs).
  2. Deliver a right side kick toward 3 o'clock to outside of the left knee of opponent to your right.
  3. Immediately plant your right foot in front and to the left of your left foot (right front twist stance) and have your left knee strike up and back of right knee of left opponent. (This is done to lift his right leg off of the ground and place all of opponent's weight onto his left leg.)
  4. While your left leg is still in the air, kick left inner knee of opponent to your left with your left foot sword (knife-edge of the foot).
  5. Plant your left foot back toward 3 o'clock into a left reverse twist stance as you execute a right back knuckle strike to head or any opening on opponent to your right whether he be standing, kneeling, or otherwise.
  6. Without hesitation deliver a chicken kick (double kick with left foot then right foot) to opponent on you; left (left foot kicking to opponent's ribs and right foot to opponent's face or solar plexus).
  7. From right kicking position plant your right foot toward 9 o'clock into a right neutral bow as you strike to left opponent's temple or face with an upward right stiff arm lifting back knuckle strike.
  8. Immediately deliver a right snapping stiff-leg kick to underneath of opponent's jaw who is to your right.
  9. Right front crossover and cover out twice, remaining equal distance from both opponent's as you cover out toward 6 o'clock.
T_CourtTiger01.JPG T_CourtTiger02.JPG T_CourtTiger03.JPG T_CourtTiger04.JPG T_CourtTiger05.JPG T_CourtTiger06.JPG
T_CourtTiger07.JPG T_CourtTiger08.JPG T_CourtTiger09.JPG T_CourtTiger10.JPG T_CourtTiger11.JPG  

GRASPING EAGLES (Right lapel grab/left rear grab to right shoulder)

One attacker grabs your right front lapel from the front and another grabs your left rear shoulder from behind, both in close space.

  1. Execute a right front kick to the front attacker's inner left knee and a left inward block to his grabbing arm. (Because he was grabbing so hard you have broken his width and the kick broke his height and changed his width.)
  2. As you strike to the front, execute a right back hammer fist to the rear attacker's groin.
  3. Plant forward into a right close kneel with a right heel palm to the front attacker's chin and a left back heel palm to the rear attacker's groin.
  4. Execute a left front kick to the front attacker's groin.
  5. Plant back and deliver a right rear kick to the rear attacker.
T_GrEagles01.JPG (43208 bytes) T_GrEagles02.JPG (38054 bytes) T_GrEagles03.JPG (37403 bytes) T_GrEagles04.JPG (36800 bytes) T_GrEagles05.JPG (37072 bytes)

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