Brown3 Belt Techniques

DANCE OF DEATH (Right punch from front)

  1. Left to 10:30 with left inward block.
  2. Right ridge hand to groin.
  3. Left hand tracks down opponent’s body to back of opponent’s right knee, with right step thru and right forearm to opponent’s torso to take down.

  4. As attacker falls on back and legs rise in air, right backfist to left inside leg, circling into right ridge hand to groin
  5. Grab left leg (still held to your body with your left hand) with both hands, twist leg to your other side while changing your stance (flipping him onto his stomach)
  6. Step on his back with your left leg, step off with your right (moving to the right), and then heel kick his right kidney with your left heel.
  7. Right chop to back of neck.
  8. Step on his back with your right leg, step off with your left (moving to the left), and then rear kick his head with your right foot.

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GLANCING SALUTE (Right cross-hand push to right shoulder)

  1. Left foot to 10:30 with a left inward and right reversing inward blocks.
  2. Left hand checks opponent’s arm down with right glancing heel palm to his jaw, right outside arm hook to opponent’s neck.
  3. Anchor right elbow with right knee to the solar plexus./li>

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CIRCLING DESTRUCTION (Front step-through left punch)

The attacker throws a left punch while stepping through.

  1. With feet together or while in a right neutral bow, move your right foot to 1 o'clock as you deliver a right inward and left outward hooking parry (palm up) to outside of opponent's activated left punch. In the same motion, deliver a right back knuckle strike to left ribcage of opponent.
  2. Shift your left foot to 4 o'clock (into a right modified neutral bow) as your left hand heel palm and claws inward to opponent's face immediately followed by a right chop to right neck of opponent.
  3. Deliver a right front scoop kick to opponent's groin simultaneous with a left outward heel of palm thrust to opponent's back.
  4. Plant your right foot in back of you (toward 4 
T_CircDest01.JPG (36289 bytes) T_CircDest02.JPG (39415 bytes) T_CircDest03.JPG (39454 bytes) T_CircDest04.JPG (40757 bytes) T_CircDest05.JPG (37197 bytes)
T_CircDest06.JPG (34497 bytes) T_CircDest07.JPG (35536 bytes) T_CircDest08.JPG (38016 bytes) T_CircDest09.JPG (39698 bytes)  

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DECEPTIVE PANTHER (combination front right snap kick (low) and right roundhouse (high))

Your opponent fakes a low kick, followed by a high roundhouse kick (off the same leg).

  1. While in a right neutral bow shift your left foot to 4 o'clock (angle change) and as your opponent's kick is delivered have your guarding hands change so that you position them into a left downward and right inward to block both kicks (universal block), the low kick with your left arm and the high kick with your right arm.
  2. As opponent is in the process of covering out deliver a right hopping side kick to opponent's left inner knee to buckle him.
  3. Plant your right foot forward into a right neutral bow (facing opponent) and immediately pivot clockwise (in place) into a right front rotating twist stance as you deliver a right downward back knuckle strike to opponent's right mastoid followed by a left downward hammer fist to opponent's right kidney.
  4. Have your left hand check opponent's right elbow while still in a right front rotating twist stance. Immediately pivot counter clockwise (untwisting out of the stance) and deliver a right lifting stiff-arm back knuckle strike to opponent's face, making facial contact when your transition move takes you to the point of a close right neutral bow stance.
  5. Continue to twist counter clockwise. When you are almost turned completely around into a right reverse cat stance deliver a right back thrust kick to any available opening. Make sure the kick is delivered while take advantage of the torquing movement and the momentum associated with it.
  6. Right front crossover and cover out twice toward 5 o'clock. (Cover out from your kicking position).
T_DecepPan01.JPG (60012 bytes) T_DecepPan02.JPG (58612 bytes) T_DecepPan03.JPG (58175 bytes) T_DecepPan04.JPG (59053 bytes)
T_DecepPan05.JPG (58035 bytes) T_DecepPan06.JPG (54198 bytes) T_DecepPan07.JPG (56302 bytes) T_DecepPan08.JPG (58135 bytes)

DETOUR FROM DOOM (front right roundhouse kick)

  1. While in a right neutral bow, quickly shift your left foot to 4 o'clock. Simultaneously deliver a left downward block to opponent's right leg with a right vertical fist to opponent's face. (At this point, you should be in a right 45 degree cat stance).
  2. From a right 45 degree cat stance, deliver a right ball kick to opponent's groin.
  3. Plant your right foot toward 10 o'clock into a right neutral bow as you simultaneously execute a left vertical punch to opponent's solar plexus over you right arm as it checks opponent's arms down with a right horizontal forearm check.
  4. Deliver a right back knuckle to opponent's stomach as your left foot shifts to 3 o'clock into a right neutral bow.
  5. Have your left hand hook downward on back of opponent's neck as you continue circling your right arm counter clockwise and deliver a right hammer fist to the back of opponent's neck.
  6. Right front crossover and cover out twice toward 3 o'clock.
T_DetDoom01.JPG (60652 bytes) T_DetDoom02.JPG (59028 bytes) T_DetDoom03.JPG (59763 bytes) T_DetDoom04.JPG (60879 bytes)
T_DetDoom05.JPG (57868 bytes) T_DetDoom06.JPG (62819 bytes) T_DetDoom07.JPG (57786 bytes) T_DetDoom08.JPG (56930 bytes)

SECURING THE STORM (Right roundhouse club)

The attacker attempts to hit you with a right roundhouse club to the head.

  1. Left foot to 12:00 in a left forward bow stance with a left extended outward block to the wrist and a right side fist to the head.
  2. Right foot to 8:00 into a horse stance with a left uppercut strike to the elbow covering with the right.
  3. Move left foot to 12:00 and bring your right foot through to your left, feet together.
  4. Right foot sweeps behind opponent's right leg and kicks outward to 6:00 into a left forward bow as you strike up under the chin with a right palm heel, knocking the opponent to the ground.
t_SecStrm01.JPG (15772 bytes) t_SecStrm02.JPG (15532 bytes) t_SecStrm03.JPG (14936 bytes)
t_SecStrm04.JPG (14085 bytes) t_SecStrm05.JPG (18506 bytes) t_SecStrm06.JPG (15825 bytes)

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THRUST INTO DARKNESS (right punch directly from the rear)

The attacker attempts to punch you with your back turned.

  1. With feet together, step forward with your right foot toward 2 o'clock into a left reverse close cat stance (as opponent attacks from the rear with a right punch) to give you distance, and immediately deliver a left back kick toward 7 o'clock to opponent's stomach thus causing him to bend forward.
  2. With your left foot still in the air, plant your left foot to 4 o'clock (assuming both you and opponent are presently facing 12 o'clock) into a wide left rear twist stance and immediately pivot counter clockwise (ending in a left neutral bow facing opponent at 6 o'clock) and without hesitation deliver a right front snap ball kick toward 7 o'clock to opponent's jaw or sternum (opponent should be bending forward at this point toward 12 o'clock).
  3. Plant your right foot forward into a right neutral bow toward 7 o'clock and assuming that the kick forced your opponent back, do a left front crossover toward 7 o'clock and right side kick to inside of opponent's left knee.
  4. Plant your right foot forward (right forward bow) toward 7 o'clock and simultaneously deliver a right back knuckle thrust to opponent's right temple and a left vertical thrust punch to opponent's right ribs.
  5. Right front crossover and cover out toward 2 o'clock.
  6. Left rear crossover and return with a right back kick to opponent's head toward 7 o'clock.
  7. Right front crossover and cover out twice toward 2 o'clock.
T_ThrustDark01.JPG (56556 bytes) T_ThrustDark02.JPG (60922 bytes) T_ThrustDark03.JPG (60261 bytes) T_ThrustDark04.JPG (62436 bytes) T_ThrustDark05.JPG (58883 bytes)
T_ThrustDark06.JPG (60735 bytes) T_ThrustDark07.JPG (57382 bytes) T_ThrustDark08.JPG (60149 bytes) T_ThrustDark09.JPG (60705 bytes)  

GLANCING WING (front left uppercut punch)

  1. While in a right neutral bow, simultaneously deliver a right inward block outside of opponent's left uppercut while delivering a left vertical fist to opponent's face.
  2. Immediately hook your left hand down and out (clockwise) outside of opponent's left arm as you deliver a right chopping uppercut punch to opponent's left ribcage.
  3. Slide your left foot counter clockwise to 4 o'clock (into a right neutral bow) as your left hand hooks back of opponent's neck, thus forcing your opponent down.
  4. With Opponent stooping over, deliver a right thrusting diagonal forearm elbow punch to opponent's left jaw.
  5. Right front crossover and cover out twice toward 4 o'clock.
T_GlncngWng01.JPG (57897 bytes) T_GlncngWng02.JPG (58426 bytes) T_GlncngWng03.JPG (58345 bytes) T_GlncngWng04.JPG (57671 bytes)
T_GlncngWng05.JPG (59218 bytes) T_GlncngWng06.JPG (57139 bytes) T_GlncngWng07.JPG (60682 bytes) T_GlncngWng08.JPG (59560 bytes)

GLANCING SPEAR (Right grab to left wrist)

The attacker grabs your left wrist with his right hand.

  1. Step back right to 6:00 as your right hand pins under your left hand trapping the attacker's hand.
  2. Pivot to a neutral bow with a left outward elbow to the attacker's ribs.
  3. Right heel palm to forearm glancing into a finger spear to eye.
  4. Left front crossover sweep planting toward 4:00.
  5. Untwist and deliver a right stiff leg sweep to the same leg taking opponent down as your plant toward 6:00.
  6. Right roundhouse kick to any available target.
t_glspr1.jpg (37875 bytes) t_glspr2.jpg (36917 bytes) t_glspr3.jpg (39408 bytes) t_glspr4.jpg (39389 bytes) t_glspr5.jpg (39215 bytes)
t_glspr6.jpg (39483 bytes) t_glspr7.jpg (40635 bytes) t_glspr8.jpg (35805 bytes) t_glspr9.jpg (36546 bytes)  

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CIRCLING FANS (Left-then-right straight punch, left leg forward)

The attacker throws a left then a right straight punch with his left leg forward.

  1. From a standing, feet-together position, step back left.
  2. From a right neutral bow pull back into a right cat a deliver a right inward parry to the attacker's left punch.
  3. As the attacker attempts to step through with a right punch, execute a left inward parry and a right front kick to the attacker's groin, stopping and breaking his height.
  4. Plant forward with a right inverted punch to his face.
  5. Left front cross with a left side fist to attacker's face and a right low check.
  6. Right knee to left inner thigh planting to 11:00 with a left upward forearm to the chin.
  7. Right front cross out to a right neutral bow.
  8. Re-enter with a right crossover rear kick.
T_CircFans01.JPG (34403 bytes) T_CircFans02.JPG (36543 bytes) T_CircFans03.JPG (35368 bytes) T_CircFans04.JPG (40423 bytes)
T_CircFans05.JPG (40204 bytes) T_CircFans06.JPG (37417 bytes) T_CircFans07.JPG (37526 bytes) T_CircFans08.JPG (36722 bytes)
T_CircFans09.JPG (32582 bytes) T_CircFans10.JPG (34396 bytes) T_CircFans11.JPG (39360 bytes) T_CircFans12.JPG (40165 bytes)

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UNFURLING CRANE (Left-then-right roundhouse punch)

The attacker attempts a left roundhouse punch followed by a right one.

  1. From a right neutral bow with your right arm high and left arm low, execute a right outward block.
  2. As he starts the right punch shuffle in with a left outward block and a right hammerfist to the groin, breaking his height.
  3. Execute a left heel palm to the face followed by a right back knuckle to the bridge of the nose or the temple.
  4. Step drag left forward to a right cat with a right hammerfist to the attacker's groin.
  5. Right knee to the solar plexus and a right upward elbow to the attacker's chin.
  6. Right inward knife hand to attacker's jaw with a right side kick to his knee.
T_UnfCrn01.JPG (38288 bytes) T_UnfCrn02.JPG (44923 bytes) T_UnfCrn03.JPG (40846 bytes) T_UnfCrn04.JPG (38229 bytes) T_UnfCrn05.JPG (41067 bytes)
T_UnfCrn06.JPG (38542 bytes) T_UnfCrn07.JPG (39718 bytes) T_UnfCrn08.JPG (34909 bytes) T_UnfCrn09.JPG (39519 bytes) T_UnfCrn10.JPG (40441 bytes)

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DESPERATE FALCONS (Two-hand front wrist grab)

The attacker grabs your wrists tightly with two hands and bears down on your arms.

  1. Step left to 11:00 as you circle your right hand under your left and pin them together.
  2. Shift back into a reverse bow using his resistance to pull him forward into a right side fist to his ribs and a left back fist to his face.
  3. Check down with your left and step through with a right inward elbow to the head.
  4. (A minor right uppercut is sometimes added before the elbow.)
T_DespFal01.JPG (36877 bytes) T_DespFal02.JPG (36554 bytes) T_DespFal03.JPG (38008 bytes) T_DespFal04.JPG (38286 bytes)
T_DespFal05.JPG (33036 bytes) T_DespFal06.JPG (35736 bytes) T_DespFal07.JPG (37625 bytes) T_DespFal08.JPG (35123 bytes)
T_DespFal09.JPG (35367 bytes) T_DespFal10.JPG (34004 bytes) T_DespFal11.JPG (36607 bytes) T_DespFal12.JPG (33406 bytes)

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PROTECTING FANS (Left-then-right straight punch with left leg forward)

The attacker steps forward with a straight left punch followed by a right one.

  1. Step forward with left leg to 11:00 in a neutral bow with a left inward parry.
  2. Pivot to a forward bow with a right extended outward parry to parry the attacker's right punch.
  3. Grab attacker's right wrist with your right hand as you pull into a right cat with a right front kick to the groin or inside of the attacker's left thigh and a left finger spear to the eye.
  4. Plant forward into a right neutral bow checking down on the attacker's right arm with a left shape of the crane.
  5. Execute a right inward elbow to the attacker's head as he bends forward.
  6. Right claw to attacker's face in a figure "8" path.
  7. Right scoop kick to groin as right foot plants back to 6:00.
T_PrFans01.JPG (39800 bytes) T_PrFans02.JPG (35408 bytes) T_PrFans03.JPG (38039 bytes) T_PrFans04.JPG (39399 bytes)
T_PrFans05.JPG (39319 bytes) T_PrFans06.JPG (39160 bytes) T_PrFans07.JPG (49989 bytes) T_PrFans08.JPG (33782 bytes)

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SQUATTING SACRIFICE (Rear bear hug, arms free)

The attacker applies a bear hug from the rear, leaving your arms free.

  1. With opponent applying rear bear hug (arms free) and with feet together, step to your right (to 3 o'clock) with your right foot into a horse, as both of your elbows strike down to opponent's forearm, squat on opponent's right knee as both of your hands then grab and pull on opponent's right ankle; the pulling and squatting could cause the knee to break of the counter force.
  2. Immediately twist opponent's right ankle counter clockwise as your right leg circles clockwise (preferably raking across opponent's face in the process) and plants to 7 o'clock into a left close kneel stance while still facing 12 o'clock.
  3. Pivot (in place) into a right forward bow as you now face 6 o'clock.
  4. While still maintaining grab with your right hand, step forward with your left foot to 6 o'clock into a left close kneel stance (paralleling opponent's body) and have your left hand grab opponent's left wrist.
  5. Support your weight onto your left leg as you cock your right leg high to your waist.
  6. Pull and jerk up with both of your arms as your right foot stomps to lower spine of opponent.
  7. Right front crossover, sweeping in opponent's arm down and cover out twice toward 4 o'clock.
 T_SqSac01.JPG (34015 bytes) T_SqSac02.JPG (37541 bytes) T_SqSac03.JPG (43936 bytes) T_SqSac04.JPG (38069 bytes) T_SqSac05.JPG (34413 bytes)
T_SqSac06.JPG (35286 bytes) T_SqSac07.JPG (37776 bytes) T_SqSac08.JPG (36065 bytes) T_SqSac09.JPG (36401 bytes) T_SqSac10.JPG (44285 bytes)


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