Green Belt Techniques

TRIPPING ARROW (front bear hug - arms free)

  1. Left to 9 o'clock into a close kneel with a right heel of palm to strike opponent's left jaw while your left hand is grabbing your opponent's right arm.
  2. Immediately circle your right foot clockwise and back and around of opponent's right leg.
  3. Plant your right leg back into a forward bow stance as you execute a right heel palm under his chin taking him down on his side.
  4. Right stomp to ribs or head.

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T_TripArrow01.JPG T_TripArrow02.JPG T_TripArrow03.JPG T_TripArrow04.JPG

HUGGING PENDULUM (front right side kick)

  1. While in a fighting stance (right neutral bow), shuffle back slightly as you deliver a right hammering downward diagonal block (hooking your blocking arm so that it travels from 11 o'clock to 5 o'clock) on the outside of opponent's right kicking leg.
  2. Immediately do a left front crossover as your right hand cocks horizontally across your body (palm in) with your left hand in guarding position and deliver a right knife-edge kick to inside of opponent's left knee.
  3. Follow-up with a right horizontal back knuckle strike to opponent's mastoid or temple (as you plant your right foot forward) arching wide to the right and returning with a right inward horizontal hooking heel of palm claw to opponent's face while maintaining bend in your right elbow.
  4. Right front crossover and cover out to 6 o'clock.
T_HugPend01.JPG T_HugPend02.JPG T_HugPend03.JPG T_HugPend04.JPG
T_HugPend05.JPG T_HugPend06.JPG T_HugPend07.JPG  

CROSSED TWIGS (rear two-hand grab to wrists)

  1. With feet together and opponent grabbing your wrists from the rear counter grab both of opponent's wrists (right to right and left to left) step to 2 o'clock with your left foot (into a left neutral bow).
  2. Pivot clockwise facing 8 o'clock (still maintaining wrist grabs) as you cross your opponent's arms (right over left) in the process, have your right elbow strike horizontally and outward to opponent's right jaw and continue to pull opponent's right arm down with your right (have your left hand which is grabbing opponent's wrist pull down and below the level of your buttocks).
  3. Release only your right grasp and circle counterclockwise with your right looping inward overhead elbow strike down to upper spine of opponent.
  4. Release your left grasp and with your right, double heel palm, grab, and pinch opponent's left kidney and ribs as your kick your opponent's right ribcage with your left knee.
  5. Drop to left foot to 2 o'clock as you pivot counterclockwise into a right rear scoop kick to opponent's solar plexus.
  6. With right foot still in air do front crossover and cover out to 2 o'clock.
T_CrossTwig01.JPG T_CrossTwig02.JPG T_CrossTwig03.JPG
T_CrossTwig04.JPG T_CrossTwig05.JPG T_CrossTwig06.JPG

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CIRCLING THE HORIZON (Right straight punch)

The attacker steps through with a right punch with relatively little reaction time for you (i.e., the punch is already too close to your face for you to step into a neutral bow with an inner block).

  1. Step off to 9:00 with the left foot, pulling the right foot into a 45 degree cat stance as you apply a left inward parry (to the opponent's fist) while cocking your right hand.
  2. Step forward with your right foot behind your opponent's right foot as you deliver a right, inverted punch to his temple.  Note that if done correctly this step is not really step 2 but a continuation of step 1 (1-1/2). Also note that although the parry deflects the opponent below the elbow (at the hand),  this punch also serves as a check against his elbow buckling forward into your face.
  3. Step drag forward and drop slightly into a wide kneel with an inward, horizontal elbow to the floating ribs.
  4. Drop further into the wide kneel  as your deliver a right backfist to the back of your opponent's thigh, continuing through.
  5. Continue even further into the stance and reverse your motion into a right inverted backfist to the groin.
t_CrcHrzn1.JPG (16770 bytes) t_CrcHrzn2.JPG (15075 bytes) t_CrcHrzn3.JPG (16686 bytes) t_CrcHrzn4.JPG (16858 bytes)
t_CrcHrzn5.JPG (16978 bytes) t_CrcHrzn6a.JPG (17277 bytes) t_CrcHrzn6b.JPG (15832 bytes) Note: the last two pictures on the left are two angles of the same strike.

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RAKING MACE (Two-hand lapel grab pulling in)

The attacker grabs your lapels and pulls you forward.

  1. Trap the opponent's hands to your chest with your left hand as you step forward into a right neutral bow and deliver a right dragon's head fist in uppercut position (inverted middle knuckle) to his solar plexus.
  2. Circle your right arm outward and deliver a right inward hammer fist to his left jaw, raking through in a diagonal motion down to the inside of his elbows, drawing him toward you.
  3. Reverse your motion (figure eight) with a right outward knife hand to the right side of his neck.
  4. Execute a right downward diagonal downward forearm to the opponent's arms, clearing them and causing him to fall forward into a right sandwiching elbow to the head.
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THUNDERING HAMMERS (Right straight punch)

The attacker throws a straight right punch at you.

  1. Step forward into a left neutral bow with a left inward block.
  2. Step-drag forward into a forward bow dropping to a close kneel to check your opponent's right knee with your right knee as you deliver a backfist to the stomach while checking high with your left hand.
  3. Replace left check to shoulder with the right hand as you switch to a right close kneel and a hammerfist to the left kidney.
  4. Switch back to a left close kneel with a right hammerfist to the back of the opponent's neck, checking with the left hand.
  5. Drop your left foot back to 7:00 into a right neutral bow, checking with a left hand and delivering a right, downward back-knuckle to the opponent's right mastoid.
  6. Continue checking with the left hand as you step drag in and with an upward palm-heel claw to the face.
t_ThHmmr1.JPG (16835 bytes) t_ThHmmr2.JPG (16465 bytes) t_ThHmmr3.JPG (15642 bytes) t_ThHmmr4.JPG (15520 bytes)
t_ThHmmr5.JPG (16440 bytes) t_ThHmmr6.JPG (16665 bytes) t_ThHmmr7.JPG (15174 bytes)

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CONQUERING SHIELD (Left stiff-arm lapel grab and attempted right punch against a wall)

The attacker grabs your right lapel and pushes you against a wall or reaches out and grabs you with an extended arm.

  1. Pin opponent's hand to your shoulder with your left hand as you deliver an inward hammering block to the arm and a right front kick to the inside of the right knee.
  2. Plant down in a right neutral bow with a right overhead elbow strike to the top of your opponent's elbow, drawing him toward you.
  3. Deliver an upward elbow strike under the chin and reverse the motion into a downward palm heel claw to the face.
t_ConqShld1.JPG (15932 bytes) t_ConqShld2.JPG (17686 bytes) t_ConqShld3.JPG (17298 bytes) t_ConqShld4.JPG (15486 bytes) t_ConqShld5.JPG (17010 bytes)

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FLIGHT TO FREEDOM (hammerlock)

  1. With feet together and opponent locking your right arm, step back and to your right to 5 o'clock with your left foot (on the ball of your left foot) into a modified right neutral bow as your right hand counter grabs your opponent's right wrist using this stance as a transition only.
  2. Without any hesitation pivot your entire body counterclockwise into a left neutral bow (or horse stance depending on circumstances) as you attempt to deliver a left outward elbow strike to opponent's face which is blocked.
  3. Immediately have your left foot step through to 2 o'clock (into a right reverse cat stance) as your right arm straightens and continues to grab opponent's right wrist; pulling in so that the principle of opposing forces is employed.
  4. From your right reverse cat, deliver a right thrusting back heel kick, using mainly the bottom portion-of the heel to opponent's right ribcage and do a right rotating twist (facing 8 o'clock) as you twist your opponent's right arm clockwise with the assistance of your right hand.
  5. Follow-up with a left snapping side kick to opponent's left inner knee.
  6. Without planting your left foot, have it cross in front of your right foot (into a left front twist stance) to 2 o'clock while using your left heel of palm strike to break back of opponent's right elbow, and cover out to 2 o'clock.
T_FltFreedm01.JPG (56160 bytes) T_FltFreedm02.JPG (57975 bytes) T_FltFreedm03.JPG (58303 bytes)
T_FltFreedm04.JPG (60294 bytes) T_FltFreedm05.JPG (57345 bytes) T_FltFreedm06.JPG (54825 bytes)

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GRIPPING TALON (Left hand grab to right wrist)

The attacker grabs your right wrist with his left hand.

  1. Reach across and grab your opponent's wrist with your left hand.
  2. Step forward to a right neutral bow turning your right hand slightly toward you and in a counter-clockwise direction (small circle), thus breaking the grab against the thumb of your opponent and turning it into a hammerfist to the groin.
  3. Deliver an inward, flapping elbow to the ribs.
  4. Reverse your motion with an outward, horizontal elbow to the floating ribs.

  5. Continue through with a backfist to the floating ribs while simultaneously stepping back into a left rear twist stance.
  6. Continue into a right stiff leg buckle to opponent's left leg as you simultaneously deliver a right ridge hand strike to the back of the neck.
  7. Right knee to the face as you cover out.
t_GrpTln01.JPG (17303 bytes) t_GrpTln02.JPG (16696 bytes) t_GrpTln03.JPG (14760 bytes) t_GrpTln04.JPG (13403 bytes)
t_GrpTln05.JPG (10743 bytes) t_GrpTln06.JPG (13087 bytes) t_GrpTln07.JPG (12903 bytes) t_GrpTln08.JPG (15708 bytes)
t_GrpTln09.JPG (14236 bytes) t_GrpTln10.JPG (13506 bytes) t_GrpTln11.JPG (13799 bytes) Frames 4 & 5 are different angles of the same shot. So are frames 6 & 7. 

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THE BACK BREAKER (Right punch from right side)

The attacker steps through, starting from your right side, with a right punch to the right side of your head.

  1. Step to 2:00 with your right foot while delivering a left, inward parry followed by a right, outward parry.
  2. Step to 1:00 with your left foot as you grab your opponent's shoulders with both hands and step back into a neutral bow facing 7:00.
  3. Deliver a right knee to his back as you  pull him toward you.
  4. Rest your opponent's back on your left knee as you settle into a neutral bow.
  5. Grab your opponent's chin with your right hand as you brace the head with a downward inverted palm heel.
  6. Pull his chin with your right hand as you push with the left in a rippling motion snapping the head in a clockwise direction.
  7. Deliver a right, inward handsword to the side of the throat.
  8. Deliver double inward eye hooks continuing up and through to two downward backfists to opponent's shoulders.
  9. Double-claw the face as you step back to a right wide kneel stance dropping your opponent to the floor.
  10. Twist into a left close-kneel, striking the side of the opponent's face with the outside of your right knee.
  11. Right stomp on your opponent's right collar bone.
t_BkBrkr01.JPG (15127 bytes) t_BkBrkr02.JPG (16154 bytes) t_BkBrkr03.JPG (14764 bytes) t_BkBrkr04.JPG (15384 bytes) t_BkBrkr05.JPG (14871 bytes)
t_BkBrkr06.JPG (14815 bytes) t_BkBrkr07.JPG (13302 bytes) t_BkBrkr08.JPG (13551 bytes) t_BkBrkr09.JPG (13708 bytes) t_BkBrkr10.JPG (13297 bytes)
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t_BkBrkr16.JPG (13055 bytes) t_BkBrkr17.JPG (13262 bytes)      

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