Orange Belt Techniques

LONE KIMONO (Left hand grab to right lapel)

Left grab to right lapel.
  1. Pin grab with left hand and step back left foot.
  2. Right upward forearm strike under opponents arm.
  3. Circle right arm counter clockwise to right downward forearm strike to top of opponent's arm. Anchor right arm at stomach.
  4. Right outward knife hand to neck, jaw or bridge of nose.

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SHIELDING HAMMER (Left roundhouse punch)

The attacker throws a left roundhouse punch at you.
  1. Back left with right extended outward block.
  2. Step-drag forward with a right hammer fist to attacker's jaw.
  3. Cock right arm over heart.
  4. Right outward elbow to solar plexus.
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GRIP OF DEATH (Right headlock from left side)

  1. Right foot to 1:30 with left knee check to opponent’s right leg, and cock hands in figure "U"
  2. Right hammer fist to groin, with simultaneous left hammer fist to kidney.
  3. Track your left hand over your opponent's back and right shoulder, leverage under nose or throat.
  4. Anchor left arm to pull opponents head back and then execute a right palm heel strike to the opponent’s chin as you pivot into a forward bow.

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Right front kick from front.
  1. Back right with left downward block.
  2. Right front kick plant forward.
  3. Right heel palm to the head.
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OBSCURE WING (Left grab to right shoulder, from behind)

The attacker grabs your right shoulder with his left hand from the right side and slightly behind, at close range.

  1. Left hand pins grab and right step to 3:00
  2. Right elbow to his solar plexus.
  3. Right hammer fist to groin.
  4. Right upward elbow to his chin.

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STRIKING SERPENT'S HEAD (Front bear hug, arms free)

The attacker grabs you from the front in a bear hug with your arms free.
  1. Back right with left reverse backhand strike to mastoid.
  2. Left grab to hair or nose and pull head back.
  3. Right half fist to the throat.

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RAINING CLAW (front uppercut right punch)

  1. Back left with right hammering downward block.
  2. Left heel palm claw to bridge of nose.
  3. Right inverted punch to head.
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GIFT OF DESTRUCTION (Right handshake)

  1. Hop left toward 11:00 with a left inward heel palm to elbow and right knee to attacker's groin.
  2. Plant forward with right inward elbow to attacker's head.
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CLUTCHING FEATHERS (front left hand hair grab)

  1. Left foot back with left pin to opponent's hand and right middle knuckle to opponent's left armpit.
  2. Right extended outward block to opponent’s arm, with left heel palm strike to head.
  3. Right hammer fist to jaw.
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CROSSING TALON (Right cross-hand grab to right wrist)

  1. Pin grab with left hand and counter grab opponents wrist.
  2. Left foot to 2:30 and left inward block to back of arm.
  3. Left outward elbow to his head.
  4. Left overhead elbow to spine.
  5. Right knee to head.

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