Purple Belt Techniques

SNAPPING TWIG (Left hand push or grab to right shoulder)

  1. Left foot back with simultaneous left heel palm to opponent’s wrist and right heel palm to opponent’s elbow.
  2. Right hand shape of crane friction pull on opponent’s arm with left heel palm to jaw.
  3. Right four knuckle rake to face.
  4. Step-drag forward with a right inside elbow to head.

(Note: the last 2 images below are two perspectives of the same move.)

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FIVE SWORDS (Right roundhouse punch)

  1. Forward right foot with right inward block.
  2. Right outward knife hand to neck.
  3. Left heel palm strike to the face.
  4. Right inverted punch to his floating rib.
  5. Left foot to 4:30 with a left outward knife hand to the neck.
  6. Right knife hand to the neck.
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SCRAPING HOOF (Attempted full nelson)

  1. Left foot to 9:00 in an exaggerated (low) horse stance as you drive both elbows down to stop the hold from being established.
  2. Rise up by moving your left foot slightly toward your right , while at the same time driving both hands toward the ground with a rear head-butt to opponent's face.
  3. Pivot to face 1:30 with right rear scoop kick to opponent’s left knee.
  4. Pivot to face 12:00 with right knife-edge kick to opponent’s right knee.
  5. Right side kick rake opponent’s right shin and right heel stomp opponent’s right instep.
  6. Repeat the kicking sequence with the left side.

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BUCKLING BRANCH (left front kick)

  1. Back right foot with left downward block.
  2. Right scoop to opponent's groin.
  3. Left side thrust kick to opponent’s right leg.
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OBSCURE SWORD (left rear grab to right shoulder grab)

  1. Left foot forward to 1:30 with left hand pin opponents grab.
  2. Right outward hand sword to neck.
  3. Left front kick to groin.
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CRASHING WINGS (Rear bear hug, arms free)

  1. Right foot to 3:00 with downward elbow strikes to opponent’s forearms.
  2. Left V-step around and behind opponent’s right leg into leg check.
  3. Left outward elbow to head.
  4. Right hammer fist to groin or solar plexus.

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CIRCLING WING (rear two-hand choke, arms bent)

  1. Left foot to 1:30 rotating clockwise to inside out overhead elbow to top of opponent’s arms and left four, finger spear to eyes.
  2. Right front rising elbow to opponent's chin.
  3. Right hammer fist to opponent's groin.
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CRUSHING HAMMER (Rear bear hug, arms pinned)

  1. Left to 9:00 with left hand pin to opponent’s hands and right hammer fist to groin.
  2. Right V-step around opponent's left leg to right leg check and right palm heel to groin.
  3. Right rear rising elbow to chin with claw to groin.
  4. Left heel palm to rib.

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OBSTRUCTING THE STORM (front right overhead club)

  1. Left foot forward to 10:30 with right over left ‘X’ block.
  2. Left foot to 1:30 with right hand counter grab opponent’s, with left inward block behind arm.
  3. Leverage and takedown opponent to left hip.
  4. Right knee to opponent's head or chest.
T_ObsStrm01.JPG (58942 bytes) T_ObsStrm02.JPG (60264 bytes) T_ObsStrm03.JPG (60722 bytes) T_ObsStrm04.JPG (60162 bytes) T_ObsStrm05.JPG (53432 bytes)

LOCKED WING (Rear hammerlock)

  1. Back left foot with right counter grab and left rear elbow.
  2. Left arm wrap around opponent's right arm.
  3. Pivot to right close-kneel stance while checking opponent’s height zone.
  4. Right foot back into forward bow.
  5. Pivot to left neutral bow while spiraling opponent clockwise.
  6. Simultaneous right knee and right hammer fist to opponent’s torso.

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