Yellow Belt Techniques

DELAYED SWORD (Attempted right push or punch)

The attacker attempts to grab your left lapel with his right hand, or attempts to punch you with his right hand.
  1. Step back with your left foot to 6:00 o’clock, with a right inward block.
  2. Right front kick to groin.
  3. Right knife-hand to neck.
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WINDMILL GUARD (Straight right punch)

  1. From a natural standing position, step to the left with your left foot as you move your head to the left (off the line of the attack). Simultaneously start parrying the punch with your left hand. Your right hand continues the parry as an open-handed extended outward block. (So, you double-factor the right hand block with the minor left hand parry.)
  2. As you complete the right hand block, pull your hand down your opponent's arm, capturing his arm, sleeve, or wrist. Pull his arm toward your side as you left roundhouse kick him in the midsection.
T_WindGuard01.JPG T_WindGuard02.JPG T_WindGuard03.JPG

MACE OF AGGRESSION (Two-hand lapel grab from front, pulling in)

  1. Right foot forward with right inward hammer fist to temple.
  2. Right downward strike on opponent’s forearms.
  3. Right inward elbow to head.
  4. Right outward elbow to head.

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Front kick to ribs from front, while you are in a right neutral bow

  1. Reverse step drag with right 45 degree downward block.
  2. Forward step drag with a right horizontal elbow to the attacker's head.

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SWORD AND HAMMER (Left grab to right shoulder from right side)

  1. Pin his grab hand with your left hand and step to 2:30 with your right foot while executing a right outward knife-hand to your opponent's neck or collarbone.
  2. Retract the strike and deliver a right outward hammer fist to his groin as you drop your height.

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CAPTURED TWIGS (bear hug, arms pinned, from rear)

  1. Left foot to 9:00 o’clock.
  2. Right hammer fist to groin.
  3. Right rising rear elbow to jaw.
T_CapTwigs01.JPG T_CapTwigs02.JPG T_CapTwigs03.JPG

ALTERNATING MACES (two-handed push from front)

  1. Right foot back to left neutral bow with left inward block to outside of push.
  2. Right punch to body with left hand cock to right shoulder.
  3. Left backhand strike to head.
T_AltMaces01.JPG T_AltMaces02.JPG T_AltMaces03.JPG

AIMING THE SPEAR (left push, grab, or attempted grab to right shoulder from front)

  1. Left foot forward with left heel palm to jaw and simultaneous right outward block to opponent’s forearm.
  2. Left forward bow with right half fist to throat.
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SWORD OF DESTRUCTION (Left roundhouse punch from front)

  1. Back left to right neutral bow with right extended outward block.
  2. Thrrough cat stance to right front kick.
  3. Right inward knife hand to neck.
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ATTACKING MACE (step through straight right punch from front)

  1. Right foot back to left neutral bow and left inward block to outside of opponent's arm.
  2. Right punch to ribs.
  3. Right counter grab opponent's right arm and right roundhouse kick to groin, planting forward.
  4. Left punch to ribs.
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