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Exercise Routine Example

The following routine should be done everyday to restore/maintain a healthy body. There is still significant benefit if it is done every other day. The purpose of this routine is to maintain flexibility in the spine and joints of the body and stimulate uninterrupted function of the body’s systems. Doing this routine as noted will help defend against physical and mental imbalance. The routine should be done in this order. Additionally, any part of the routine may also be done at random times throughout the day.

  1. Spinning Staff Warm Up – 18x
  2. Counter Clockwise Rolling Staff – 9x
  3. Clockwise Rolling Staff – 9x
  4. Front to Back Staff Roll – 9x
  5. Side Bends w/Staff on Shoulders – 18x
  6. Alternating Torso Twists w/Staff on Shoulders – 9x
  7. Forward Bending & Rear Flexing w/Staff Behind Legs – 9x
  8. Square Horse/Left Forward Bow/Right Forward Bow
  9. Repeat #8 3x – Holding Each Position a Minimum of 9 counts

This is a basic routine. Once it is learned and performed over a period of time, it can be amended or expanded as desired. It is the foundation for any other exercise or fitness program. This basic routine should be done for life to improve life.

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