The Way of Three ©2002 - 3rd Edition

HAVEN-Fortified Structure

The Three Keys to Haven

  1. Develop Daily Routine – Based on Monk Yoga
  2. Choose Fitness Activity – Your choice, be safe.
  3. Build Spirit – Look outside of self

The following includes some ideas about our psyche and spirit.

Building Spirit

Just as we are wired for fear of heights, we are wired to believe in God or ‘something greater than ourselves’. Each person’s view of this power is personal, but all philosophical and religious thinkers deal with the same three issues.

  1. The origin of man
  2. The meaning of life
  3. What happens after life

There are three general thoughts as to the origin of man.

  1. We were made by a creator - religious
  2. We developed through evolution – scientific
  3. We came from somewhere else – celestial

The meaning of life can be looked at on three levels.

  1. Individual
  2. Societal
  3. Universal

There are three general thoughts about what happens after life.

  1. There is nothing that happens – it’s over
  2. There is an afterworld – Heaven, Hell, etc.
  3. There is reincarnation – we come back in some form

We are not interested in professing a specific philosophy in the Way of Three. The purpose of this section entitled “Haven” is to encourage individuals to contemplate these stated issues, with the hope that each of us can reach a higher level. This higher level can be called the ‘Psychic’ or ‘Spiritual’ level, and differs from the first two sections of the Way of Three - ‘Health’ and ‘Harmony’.

The sections of Health and Harmony in the Way of Three are based on a personal perspective or on ‘I, me, and mine’. The purpose of the section ‘Haven’ is to encourage individuals to try and transcend the attachment or gravitational pull of ‘I, me, mine’, and seek a higher level of awareness. Many believe that in moving beyond the thought process and confinement of emotion, a psychic and/or spiritual level can be achieved. This is often done through the use of meditation. In the section on Harmony, different meditative techniques are discussed.

The Way of Three calls this ‘Haven’. It is a fortified place where we are free from mundane thought and emotion, and feel as if we are a part of something greater than ourselves.


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