The Way of Three 2002 - 3rd Edition

HEALING-Healthy Body

The Way of Three encourages the use of one or more established systems of physical development to pursue the goal of physical balance and health.

Among the many established systems that can accomplish this are:

The undertaking of a physical development program should be based on the following goals.

  1. Restoration recovery of health after illness, injury or improper conditioning
  2. Maintenance general and continuous process to maintain good health
  3. Prevention task specific preparation to prevent illness and injury

Often people suffer some type of physical impairment, defined as an imbalance, which does not allow the body to function at it optimum potential. Unless an impairment is present from birth, it is most likely caused by incorrect use of the body.

Levels of Use that affect Balance vs. Imbalance are:

Because many people have some level of impairment, the first step in The Way of Three is restoration and return to normal function.

I. Restoration will be necessary in the event of one of the following:

Methods of restoration are covered in the Way of Three training program.

Once restoration of the impairment is accomplished, an ongoing maintenance routine can be established.

II. Maintenance involves an ongoing process.

The six categories listed here are the core of this training. Some may require the advice of a person trained in the particular area.

General Physical Health is Dependent on:

Physical Health is improved with Proper Care of:

A routine for health maintenance should include:

The Way of Three/Monk Yoga has detailed routines for health maintenance based on the above categories.

III. Preventive measures should be undertaken under three circumstances:

In the Way of Three/Monk Yoga, preventative routines are specifically design for the circumstances at hand, and usually involved specialized training.


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