The Way of Three ©2002 - 3rd Edition


We are always under the influence of our environment and have mostly adapted to it. Still there are times when we live with unpredictable weather, questionable food, air, and water content, bacteria, germs, and physical events that can cause muscle, joint, or spine disorder. In addition, we are besieged daily by an enormous array of information that can affect every aspect of our emotional makeup. The volume of this information alone, to say nothing of it’s content, can make us feel vulnerable and threaten our sense of control over our own lives. Any of these physical or mental factors has the potential to cause us tension and create imbalance.

It would be impossible to avoid every potential cause of imbalance. And, much of the time these causes can be managed successfully. But, when internal or external forces become too great, they can cause imbalances such as disease, injury or emotional unrest. 

It is not the goal of The Way of Three to constantly try to eliminate or avoid the things that can cause imbalance, but to learn to co-exist with them, fighting outright only the ones that pose a genuine threat. It is the goal of the Way of Three to live a life in harmony with the environment, and with minimum stress. The Chinese Taoist Monks call this ‘Wu Wei’. 

The Way of Three is about building a strong inner core so we can co-exist with our environment. This concept is analogous with the life of a tree.

Depending on the species, a tree can live centuries. It symbolizes stability and energy. It is rooted and strong. It derives its nutrients from the ground, air and sunlight. However, the tree is always under the influence of its environment. Strong wind, draught, harsh temperature, parasites, insects, and animals can all invade and threaten the tree. 

The trees strong inner core allows it to endure. The tree does not engage in battle with each and every one of its invaders, but adapts to co-exist with them. Of course, if any force becomes too strong, the tree then will initiate a defense, most times being successful. If however, an invader overwhelms the tree and the tree cannot process the imbalance, it can become sick and die.

So it is with humans. The Way of Three/Monk Yoga is a system to discover physical, mental and psychic inner strength to be able to co-exist with, process, and defend against the forces that can cause imbalance.

These threats can come from many places. Physical threats can come from improper activity, inactivity, illness, natural events, or human conflict. Mental threats can come from mistaken beliefs, negative thoughts or words, or by the improper actions of our selves or others. And, psychic threats can come from inflated ego, destructive desires, or forces of evil.

Threats can also come in many forms. Threats to physical, mental, or psychic balance can be real, potential, or imaginary. Real threats are present at the moment and are usually identifiable. Potential threats may or may not occur in the future. Imaginary threats will never happen. All three types of threats however, can have an effect on us and create imbalance.

The Way of Three/Monk Yoga is a system combining philosophies from eastern and western cultures, which can give us ways to defend against these imbalances. Based on ancient martial arts philosophies and modern day thinking, The Way of Three combines Physical Healing for a healthy body, Mental Harmony for a centered mind, and Psychic Haven for a fortified spirit. The Way of Three strives to make these three elements applicable and actionable in a 21st century environment.


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