The Way of Three 2002 - 3rd Edition

Exercise Routine Material

There are many Way of Three routines to help maintain physical, mental, and psychic balance. There are three parameters that apply to these routines.

  1. Intensity how hard they are done
  2. Duration how long they are done
  3. Frequency how often they are done

These three conditions must be sensibly balanced, but frequency is of prime importance.

There are three types of routines in The Way of Three.

  1. Ongoing Routines
  2. Expanded Routines
  3. Special circumstances Routines

I. Ongoing Routine

One should continually monitor the following:

II. Daily Routine

A daily health maintenance routine should include a minimum of about 20 to 30 minutes of practice once a day. The performance of other specific exercises can be done at any given time throughout the day.

Daily routines may include selected exercises from any the following.

  1. Staff (4 to 6 foot pole) and other stretches for spine and joint flexibility
    1. Front spinning shoulder
    2. Single shoulder rotational roll X2
    3. Double shoulder roll
    4. Spine lean
    5. Spine twist
    6. Spine bend and flex
    7. Square hip and leg strength stance
    8. Left hip and leg extension stance
    9. Right hip and leg extension stance

  2. Mudra (Yoga type movements) exercises to generate energy flow
    1. Temple body stretch
    2. Valley body stretch
    3. Mountain neck exercise
    4. River neck exercise
    5. Beads hand and wrist exercise
    6. Silk arm exercise
    7. Branches hand exercise
    8. Folding Leaves hand and wrist exercise
    9. Balance legs and ankles exercise
    10. Twisting Bamboo lower back exercise
    11. Rolling Clouds arm and shoulder exercise
    12. Power from Tree energy center 5, 4, 3 exercise
    13. Coiling Serpent energy center 6 thru 1 exercise

  3. Mantra Exercise for calmness 3 of many options
    1. Silent, Sound, or Vibrating Chant
    2. Traditional, Nature, or Association Word
    3. Higher Perception Psychic Mantra

  4. Monk Staff (Advanced combinations)
    1. Blocking Set
    2. Thrusting Set
    3. Striking Set
    4. Form One
    5. Form Two
    6. Form Three

  5. Nackord Kenpo Karate System (Martial Arts positions and movements)
    1. Stance Set
    2. Footwork Set
    3. Kicking Set
    4. Blocking Set
    5. Striking Set
    6. Combination Set
    7. Short Form #2
    8. Short Form #3
    9. Advanced Forms

  6. Others to be discussed

III. Special Circumstance Routines

These are designed based on the following conditions:


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