The Way of Three ©2002 - 3rd Edition

The Nine Premises

  1. Each of us is unique – Yet, we are not isolated; we have similar thoughts, feelings and needs as others.
  2. We have three interwoven distinct selves – The physical, the mental and the psychic selves, which act as one.
  3. Our bodies and minds continually seek a state of balance – Our instinct is to move towards a state of wellness and happiness.
  4. There are internal and external threats to our balance – These threats are always present in our internal and external environments.
  5. We can defend against these threats – The Way of Three is a system designed to identify threats and protect against them.
  6. Our conscious mind can create conflict - Not sensing clearly or having excessive worry and stress can cause turmoil in our thoughts.
  7. Our subconscious mind can help resolve conflict – Often we already know the answer to a question, and only need to go inside to stop "mind chatter".
  8. We have direct access to positive feelings and behaviors – We already have ample internal resources, and only need to learn how to access them.
  9. The nature of life is mostly unsettled - We can influence only to some degree that which is around us. We can have much influence on that which is within us.

“We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed, We are perplexed, but not in despair, Persecuted, but not forsaken, Cast down, but not destroyed, While we look not at the things which are seen, But at the things which are not seen” 

Our environment is everything around us and within us. We are always in relationship to our environment. How we think about our environment dictates how we live within it. 


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