The Way of Three ©2002 - 3rd Edition


The Way of Three is a system to help defend against physical, mental and psychic imbalance. It includes first, a restoration phase. This restoration phase would address any issue of impairment, and could well include the guidance of a professional, trained in the area of the impairment. Next, an ongoing maintenance routine would be established. This ongoing routine is the key material currently taught in the Way of Three. Finally, there are back up plans for prevention, if any of the needs listed in this text are present. This is a plan for Healing and a health body.

We work towards mental harmony through the use of Mantra Exercise. This is part of the ongoing exercise routine and used as a mental maintenance exercise. Disciplined Breathing, “the mediator between the mind and body”, is a more advanced and directed back up mental exercise, and Guided Imagery is on standby for special needs. These three techniques can move us towards Harmony and a centered mind.

Last, to complete our goal of physical, mental, and psychic balance, we consider questions that are beyond logic and beyond our normal thought process and emotions. We strive to accomplish this with the use of mental exercise techniques learned in the section on Harmony.

If we are lucky enough to achieve physical, mental and psychic balance, we will certainly have created for ourselves a Haven where we can coexist contently with our environment.


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