Advanced Insights

Welcome to this Advanced Insights section of the NKS web site!

Over time we would like to grow this section to include ongoing additions of insights by senior instructors, both from within the NKS and from outside. Each insight is a freeform, ad hoc lesson on a topic of interest to the instructor.  For example, they can be What-If stage or Formulation stage insights into techniques, explanations of fighting principles, tips on exercise habits, or anything else.

If you would like to submit your insights for possible inclusion, email us at the address at the bottom right of the screen. Also email us if you have questions that you would like answered.

Article Description
"Power Up Your Karate Strikes" by Dennis Nackord Article by Dennis Nackord in the July, 2006 issue of Black Belt Magazine.
"Karate King" by J.F. Pirro Article about Dennis Nackord in the July, 2009 issue of Main Line Today.
"Fake-Out" by Dennis Nackord Dennis Nackord's August 2001's Black Belt Magazine article on sparring strategies.
"Street Fighting? Exposing the Myth" by Joe Lewis This is the full text of the Joe Lewis article, the condensed version of which will be appearing in Black Belt Magazine.
Wrist Grabs by Jon Van Cleve Different wrist grab scenarios and possible responses
Anchoring Gaining a leveraging advantage by anchoring.
How Motion Science™ Cured My Forehand Blues by Stephen Pellegrini Gaining a leveraging advantage by anchoring.
Wrist Locks by Stephen Pellegrini Basic wrist locks, palm turns, wrist pressure points, power principles
Locked Wing by John Durning What-If/Formulation-Stage insights into Locked Wing