Mass Attacks

Mass Attacks is a Kenpo technique set that deals with multiple opponents. Although Kenpo is a system that is designed to teach one to fight multiple opponents, there are no two-man techniques in any of the forms 1 through 7. So, Mass Attacks was designed (by the Tracy system of Kenpo) to use some of the two-man techniques in a single form. Since it was initially designed by Tracy, the names and sometimes the execution of the techniques vary from the standard Parker equivalents. Both names are listed below, with the Parker names in parentheses.


Techniques in Order of Appearance

Opening Salutation – 12:00

Facing 12:00, start at attention stance but with knees bent and hands chambered. Perform a simultaneous left outward block continuing the circle to re-chamber along with a left outside crescent kick, landing in a horse stance. Repeat on the right side landing in a wider horse stance. (Note: the leg movements mimic that of a student wearing traditional hakama pants to get the pants out of the way.) To finish the salutation, bring the left foot back to the right into a regular attention stance while the hands rise and then make outward circles, landing at your sides as your feet come together. You should still be facing 12:00.

Flowing Hands (Falcons of Force) – 12:00

(Side Shoulder Grabs)
This technique starts with two people grabbing your shoulders from the sides, but not extremely close to you. Deal with the right person first by counter-grabbing/checking his hand on your shoulder with your left hand as you step to about 2:00 with a right handsword to his throat. Turn your attention to your left attacker by immediately whipping your right hand to whip his eye with your forefinger as you start stepping with your right foot to about 10:30. As you settle into a deep right forward bow, strike his neck with your left hand. Turn your attention back to the right attacker by stepping back with your left foot into a deep rear cross stance and untwist into a right neutral bow as you execute a downward-angled right inner block to clear the left attacker from you. You should now be facing 4:30.

Scoop/Front Chicken Kick Transition – 4:30

From your right neutral bow, lean back onto your left leg as you execute a right scoop kick and then a front chicken kick (i.e., jump in the air and front kick with your left foot before placing the right foot down). Land facing 4:30 in a left neutral bow with your hands executing simultaneous left inner block and right extended outer block (the opening hand position of Flashing Mace—which is the first sub-technique within The Ram and The Eagle—where you hyper-extend the opponent’s elbow by striking his arm with both blocks at once).

Whirling Blades (The Ram and the Eagle) – 4:30 and 10:30

(Front and Rear Punches)
Starting from the above opening strike of Flashing Mace, follow through by c-stepping to a right fighting horse stance as you right hammer-fist the opponent’s face, glancing through, and continuing a counter-clockwise spin, resulting in a left handsword to the opponent’s side and a high right-hand check. You should now be facing 10:30, at the second attacker. Start the Ram and the Eagle transition to Five Swords by executing a right inner block and a simultaneous right front kick to his midsection. As you land forward from your kick into a right neutral bow and settle your weight, execute a right handsword to the opponent’s neck (first strike in Five Swords). However, in Mass Attacks, Five Swords is done in the Tracy style, which means that this chop and the subsequent strikes are done more along the vertical plane. So, the chop should come down more than across and your wrist should be bent. Next, shift through a forward or front twist stance down to a close kneel stance as you deliver a left downward handsword to his neck. Rise and pivot back to your neutral as you strike his face with a rising elbow followed by a downward palm-heel claw to the face.

Thrusting Heel (No regular Parker equivalent) – 7:30 and 1:30

(Flank Attacks)
Your next attacker comes at you from 7:30, so turn counter-clockwise to face him while executing a right inward block and a simultaneous right front kick. In this technique, though, the attacker grabs your leg so retract it and then thrust forward again. As you are landing forward turn immediately behind you (1:30) so that you are in a left forward bow and execute a left downward block (against the second opponent’s right front kick). As he follows the kick up with a right roundhouse punch, you counter with three simultaneous moves. Your left hand circles counter-clockwise from its downward block to an outward block; your right hand delivers a straight punch; and your right front-kick him.

Crossing Hammers (Shield and Sword) – 9:00

(Left Step-Through Punch)
Land from the above right front kick into a right neutral bow with your left hand out in an extended outward block and your right hand cocked high. Pivot towards 9:00 to face your attacker (whose punch you just blocked) and execute a right downward backfist to the bridge of his nose as you settle into a forward bow. Pivot to a neutral bow as you execute a left horizontal chop. Pivot back into a forward bow as you punch with a straight right through his ribs.

Two-Man Swinging Gate (Twin Kimono) – 9:00 and 3:00

(Front Grab and Rear Attacker)
From your above forward bow with your right hand out in punching position, you are now grabbed with two hands at the collar. Pin the attacker’s hands by placing your left hand across your chest. Step back to 6:00 into a right neutral bow as you upper block his arms, hyper-extending his elbows. Pivot your left foot to 1:00 as you right back-fist your first attacker’s mid-section hitting through him. Pivot your left foot one more time to 10:00 so that you are in a neutral now facing 3:00 as you right inner block on a downward diagonal to clear and/or check your opponent. Finish your first opponent with a right handsword to his neck (toward 6:00) while simultaneously handling your second opponent by right front-kicking him while your right hand comes up to check.

Attack from the Temple B – 3:00

(Front Grab)
As you land forward from the above right front kick, land with a vertical forearm strike to the opponent. For greatest effect, the lower part of your forearm and elbow should hit the opponent’s midsection a fraction of a second first so that your backfist (at the top of your vertical forearm) strikes his face harder because he will be bending forward. Finish him off by rotating your left leg counter-clockwise into a horse stance facing 9:00 and right hammerfist his groin (inserting a minor right elbow to his midsection if desired). Relax both hands to finish the technique and segue to the next.

Sweeping Branches (Snakes of Wisdom) – 9:00

(Flank Shoulder Grabs)
Step with your right foot to 3:00 into a left forward bow as you reach with both hands behind you, clawing your opponents’ faces. Continue through the claws and circle under their shoulders, anchoring your arms to your sides. C-step forward into a right forward bow, pulling your attackers with you. As you settle (and they are still off-balance), backfist both of them in the midsection and immediately drop to a deep close kneel stance, reaching forward with two shapes of the crane hands to grab their ankles. Step up and back to a left forward bow, pulling their legs out from under them. Segue to the next technique by bringing your left foot back and to the left into a horse stance, still facing 9:00, as your hands make a small circle, finishing up extended out on both sides.

Knee Sweep (Courting the Tiger) – 9:00

(Side Wrist Grabs, Pulling You)

Circle your hands and counter-grab their hands. Step with your right foot behind your left and drop as you pull your arms down and in. This should have the effect of combing your force with your left attacker’s to pull your right attacker in towards you and off-balance. Execute a right side thrust kick to your right attacker’s knee. Then (without touching the ground, step to the left, crossing in front of your right foot. As you plant down, strike your right opponent’s closer thigh with your left knee. The strike should be angled to the right instead of just straight because the intent is to move his front leg out of the way so you can strike his back leg with your next strike. So, with your left knee still up in the air from the knee strike, execute a left side thrust kick to the second opponent’s back leg’s knee. Without landing, retract your knee and rotate clockwise to face 12:00 and settle into horse stance with your hands extended out to your sides (the same as the starting point of this technique, except you are now facing 12:00).

Kung Fu Wrist – 12:00

(Side Wrist Grabs, Pulling You)
This is similar to the above, except that crossing behind, you’ll be crossing forward, and instead of side thrust kicking, you’ll be front kicking. So, facing 12:00 in a horse stance with your arms straight out at your sides, circle your hands to counter-grab the attackers’ hands. Cross with your left foot to the right, in front of your right foot and right front kick the right attacker. Without landing forward, step with your right foot in front of your left, landing to the left of your left foot. Execute a left front kick to the left attacker.

Stone Warrior – 12:00

(Side Attacks)
From the above left kick, land forward and rotate your upper body clockwise 90 degrees so that you are in a horse stance facing 12:00. Also, as you are landing, raise both hands to your sides, executing two inner blocks to your sides (not to your front). Follow through with two upper cuts to your sides, to your opponents’ heads. Pivot clockwise into a low right forward bow facing 3:00 as you left palm heel your right attacker’s chest and right palm claw behind you to your left attacker’s groin. Pivot 180 degrees counter clockwise (into a low left forward bow) to right palm heel your left attacker’s chest and right palm claw behind you to your right attacker’s groin.

Closing Salutation – 12:00

From the above left forward bow facing 9:00, bring your left hand from behind you all the way in front to meet your right hand, placing both hands back-to-back. Straighten up and rotate clockwise to face 12:00 again in a horse stance as your hands move up the plane directly above your head. Your hands should reach the vertical as you reach your horse. Without slowing down, start moving your left leg to your right as your hands start circling (falling) from the vertical to your sides. Your hands should slap your sides at the exact moment that your left leg meets your right leg. You are now in an attention stance facing 12:00. Give a slight bow to finish.


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