Short Form 3

Short Form 1, Long 1, Short 2, and Long 2 are basics forms; whereas the 3s and up are techniques forms.

Short Form 3 provides the following:

  1. Study of opposites, reverses, and mirror mechanics
  2. First techniques form (all grabs, using marriage of gravity; elbow is the major weapon)
  3. First for beginning with signature and salutations
  4. Contains two left-hand techniques

Watch Video

1. Destructive Twins

First time starting a form by striking.  Showing left vertical outward block to be mirrored in technique #3.

2. Crashing Wings

Shows right hammerfist to groin to be mirrored in technique #8. Traces a "7" on the floor with the left foot.

3. Twirling Wings

First left-hand technique. Right vertical outward mirrors left shown in #1, and traces a "7" on the floor with the right foot.

4. Circling Wing

First time covering with a grab

5. Crossing Talon

Shows left downward elbow to be mirrored in technique #10. Shows using a drop of body weight to gain power. Shows left kneel stance to be mirrored in technique #10.

6. Scraping Hoof

Shows using a rise in body height to gain power. Shows reverse marriage of gravity by dropping body mass while lifting strike.  Shows rear head butt, mirrored in technique #7.

7. Fatal Cross

Shows moving hands from the center to back in a "V" shape motion to be mirrored in technique #10. Beginning the second half of the "long line" of techniques ("long line" is where the majority of the techniques in the form are done moving from 4:30 to 7:30). Shows front head butt, mirroring technique #6.

8. Grip of Death

Second left-hand technique. Shows left hammerfist to groin mirroring technique #2. Shows right anchored elbow to mirror technique #13.

9. Locked Wing

Shows left uppercut to the elbow to be mirrored in technique #11.

10. Crossed Twigs

Shows moving the hand from back to center in a "V" shape motion as shown in technique #7. Shows right downward elbow to mirror left, and shows right kneel stance to mirror left as seen in technique #5. Shows other side of locking arm.

11. Wings of Silk

Shows right upward elbow to chin to mirror left shown in technique #2. Shows right uppercut to the elbow to mirror technique #9. End of the "long line".

12. Conquering Shield

Shows principal that to start a new line, you have to take one step over and one step behind the previous line. (This technique takes one step over.)

13. Striking Serpent's Head

Shows backup mass with a weapon from behind the mass. Shows left anchored elbow to mirror right as shown in technique #8. (This technique takes one step back.)