Long Form 4

Short Form 1, Long 1, Short 2, and Long 2 are basics forms; whereas the 3s and up are techniques forms.

Long Form 4 is one of the longest and most complex of all of the forms. Techniques are run on both A and B sides. It is Mr. Parker's signature form.


Watch Video

1.  Protecting Fans (A Side)--Watch Video
2.  Protecting Fans (B Side)--Watch Video
3.  Darting Leaves (A Side)
4.  Darting Leaves (B Side)
5.  Unfurling Crane (A Side)
6.  Unfurling Crane (B Side)
7.  Destructive Kneel (A Side)
8.  Destructive Kneel (B Side)
9.  Flashing Wings (A Side)
10. Flashing Wings (B Side)
11. Gathering Clouds (A Side)
12. Gathering Clouds (B Side)
13. Circles of Protection (A Side)
14. Circles of Protection (B Side)
15. Dance of Darkness (A Side)
16. Dance of Darkness (B Side)
17. Thundering Hammers (A Side)
18. Thundering Hammers (B Side)
19. Unwinding Pendulum (A Side)
20. Unwinding Pendulum (B Side)
21. Reversing Circles (A Side)
22. Reversing Circles (B Side)
23. Snaking Talon (A Side)
24. Snaking Talon (B Side)
25. Circling Fans (A Side)
26. Circling Fans (B Side)
27. Circling Windmills
28. Defensive Cross (A Side)
29. Defensive Cross (B Side)
30. Bowing to Buddha (A Side)
31. Bowing to Buddha (B Side)
32. Prance of the Tiger (A Side)
33. Prance of the Tiger (B Side)
34. Shield and Mace (A Side)
35. Shield and Mace (B Side)
36. Five Swords (A Side)
37. Five Swords (B Side)
38. Twirling Hammers (A Side)
39. Twirling Hammers (B Side)